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Copy of SS8CG1

No description

Danielle Sherfey

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SS8CG1

Legislative Branch
Judicial Branch
Executive Branch
Primary Official)
Enforce Laws
Current Goal:
to make GA the #1 place to do business
The Preamble

To perpetuate the principles of free government, insure justice to all, preserve peace, promote the interest and happiness of the citizen and transmit to posterity the enjoyment of liberty, we, the people of Georgia, relying upon the protection and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

Rights (Bill of Rights)
Life, Liberty, Property
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of Speech
Right to Bear Arms
Right to Assemble and Petition
Right to Trial by Jury
Protection from Unreasonable Searches and Seizures
The Constitution of Georgia
General Assembly
(primary group)
Makes Laws
Composed of
(up to 56 members) and
House of Representatives
(180 members or more)
Supreme Court
(primary group)
Interprets Laws
State courts
Court of Appeals
Superior Courts
Juvenile Courts
Probate Courts
Magistrate Courts
Brittney Hampton

Article I
Bill of Rights
Article II
Voting and Elections
Article III
Legislative Branch
Article IV
Constitutional Boards and Commissions
Article V
Executive Branch
Article VI
Judicial Branch
Article VII
Taxations and Finance

Article VIII
Article IX
Counties and Municipal Corps
Article X
Amendments to the Constitution
Article XI
Miscellaneous Provisions
Pay Taxes
Obey Laws
Serve on Jury
Selective Service
Nathan Deal
82nd Governor of Georgia
GA's General Assembly
Supreme Court of GA
Analyzing Primary Sources Activity
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