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Geography & Seasons in The Great Gatsby

No description

Tim Clasquin

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Geography & Seasons in The Great Gatsby

Gatsby's death is at the beginning of Fall.
His death initiates the fall of his empire
Everyone's lives are changing after his death just as the seasons are changing
Gatsby's life was finally changing to be very uneventful, and finally uses his pool
Fall and Gatsby's Death
Valley of Ashes & Heat
Every visit to the Valley is extremely hot
Nothing good ever happens in the Valley
Symbolizes Hell in temperature and location
West and East Egg are above, while Valley is below
Very few complaints of weather in West and East Egg
Gatsby's Parties
George's Location of Death
George dies in the garden
Nick hears rumors that Gatsby is a murderer in the garden at the beginning of Summer
Nick's opinion of Gatsby changes as the seasons do
Ironic that George dies where we first hear rumors of Gatsby being a murderer
Geography & Seasons In The Great Gatsby
Tim Clasquin, Sean Blackwell
Kaitlyn Chain, Aaron Scites
Gatsby lives on the "poor side" of the Eggs
High class suddenly doesn't mind coming to West Egg, as long as there is a party
Gatsby's luck is that it is always very pleasant weather at anytime he throws a party
High class treats it as though there is a major difference between West and East Egg
Almost always the same, if not better weather than East Egg
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