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GEF Seniors Housing

No description

Michelle Spring

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of GEF Seniors Housing

Do I qualify for housing at GEF?
Housing Applications
Core Needs Income Threashold
To live in a GEF community,
you must:
Bachelor Suite:

One Bedroom Suite:

Couple or Two Bedroom Suite:
Who we are
Housing options for seniors
37 communities across Edmonton
GEF Communities
GEF Seniors Housing is a non-profit organization that provides safe and affordable housing communities for Edmonton seniors. We have been a part of Edmonton since 1959.
Our communities offer a variety of sized buildings; from as few as 20 suites to as many as 330 suites. Our locations are:
GEF Seniors Housing
Vision, Mission and Values
Our Vision - to positively influence seniors' quality of life

Our Mission - to be leaders in friendly, affordable, secure housing and services for seniors

Our Values - respect, integrity, life enrichment and accountability
Our programs
Subsidized Housing
Rent is based on 30% of gross monthly income
Affordable Housing
Flat fee rent 10-15% below market rates
Housing Options
Self Contained Apartments
Apartment Complexes

Bachelor, one and two bedroom suites
Heat, water and garbage remove are included in the rent.
Affordable laundry facilities
Recreation programming
Bachelor room with a private bathroom
24/7 Onsite staff
Dining room
Weekly housekeeping
Support services are $670/month
be 65 years of age or older
be functionally independent and medically stable
be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a refugee sponsored by the Government of Canada
Meet the Core Needs Income Threashold (CNIT)
Avenwood Corner (65 suites)
Barvinok Apartments (20 suites)
Bateman Manor (51 suites)
Britannia Gardens (65 suites)
Buchanan Manor (22 suites)
Cathedral Close (140 suites)
Father Hannas (43 suites)
Gateway Manor (36 suites)
Grace Garden Court (35 suites)
Groat House (51 suites)

Kiwanis Place (117 suites)
Knox-Met Manor (79 suites)
Londonderry Village (118 suites)
Montgomery Place (303 suites)
Mountwood (51 suites)
Pleasantview Place (151 suites)
Porta Place (74 suites)
Rosslyn Place (50 suites)
St. Josaphat's (115 suites)
Strathcona Place (224 suites)
Trinity Hall (47 suites)
Virginia Park (140 suites)
Beverly Place (73 rooms)
Kiwanis Place (206 rooms)
McQueen Place (120 rooms)
Meadowlark Place (58 rooms)
Ottewell Place (124 rooms)
Pleasantview Place (59 rooms)
Queen Alexandra Place (58 rooms)
Rosslyn Place (120 rooms)
Virginia Park (65 rooms)

Functional Independence
physically, mentally and emotionally able to look after your own personal needs with or without the assistance of community based services, and be able to interact socially with other tenants. Applicants who require constant medical supervision would not qualify for residency.
Home Living
Individuals are responsible for and capable of arranging any care and support services that they may need.
Supportive Living
Provides accommodation in a home-like environment, where people can remain as independent as possible while they have access services that meet their changing needs. Not appropriate for seniors with complex medical needs.
Housing interviews allow managers the opportunity to meet with and assess potential tenants or residents.

What we are looking for:
functional independence
income verification
needs assessment

Individuals are scored on the above and will be offered housing based on their score
Safe, secure and affordable
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