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Roman Gods vs. Greek Gods

No description

Rithvik Annamaneni

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Roman Gods vs. Greek Gods

Roman Gods Jupiter Neptune Pluto How many Roman Gods were there? There were millions of Gods so the Romans split them in to
Major and Minor. The majors were mostly the Olympians like the Greek. The minors were like the Goddess of Revenge, Invidia Invidia Mars Jupiter Jupiter was one of the three sons of Saturn, and was the King of the Gods.
He ruled the skies and anything else in the sky. His symbol was a lightning bolt
Greek form: Zeus
Sacred Animal: Eagle Juno Juno was the wife of Zeus, which makes her the queen of the Heavens. She is the goddess of marriage and family and is the protector and the counselor of Rome.
Greek Form: Hera
Sacred Animal: Peacock Neptune Neptune was the brother of Jupiter and the husband of Salacia. He was the lord of the seas and controlled water.His symbol was the trident.
Greek Form: Poseidon
Sacred animal: Horse Vulcan Vulcan was the Roman god of fire and forges.
Vulcan and the cyclopes together created Zeus's lightning bolt, and Poseidon's Trident. Vulcan's wife was Venus, goddess of beauty.He was the son of Jupiter and Juno.
Greek Form: Hephaestus
Symbol animal: Donkey? Mars Mars was the Roman God of War but not only war. Mars wanted to use war to secure peace and was one of the major gods after Jupiter and Juno.
Greek Form: Ares
Sacred Animal: Wolf Mercury Mercury was commonly known as the god of messengers, but also was the god of thieves and so on.Mercury wasn't very important to Romans.
Greek Form: Hermes
Sacred Animal: Tortoise or Ram Apollo Ceres Minerva Venus Diana Bacchus Ceres was the Roman goddess of agriculture and grains. She was a daughter of Saturn and a brother to Jupiter and Neptune.
Greek Form: Demeter
Sacred animal: Spotted- Lizard. Apollo was the God of the sun. He rode a chariot, as thought in Roman myths, drove the sun across the sky. Apollo was the son of Jupiter.
Greek Form: Apollo
Sacred animal: Dolphins Minerva was the Roman Goddess of creativity and
war strategies. The Romans didn't care about her
much and made her a minor/major goddess (neither).
Greek Form: Athena
Sacred Animal: Owl Venus was a special Olympian. She was the final
child of Uranus (so she is the last Titan). Venus was
the Goddess of Beauty and Love.
Greek Form: Aphrodite
Sacred Animal: Dove Diana was the Roman Goddess of the moon and was a huntress. Her twin brother was Apollo and her father was Jupiter. Diana was an expert with the bow and arrow.
Greek form: Artemis
Sacred animal: Deer Bacchus was born a demigod, half god-half human. He was the son of Jupiter and invented something that almost everyone drinks, wine. Jupiter granted him a wish and made him a god, immortal forever.
Greek Form: Dionysus
Sacred Animal: Leopard The End
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