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Big Time Rush

You Gotta Live it Big Time..

Alyssa Kourtney-Rustic

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Big Time Rush

Carlos Pena Is in the show Big Time Rush. He is 21 years old,
and born on August 15th, 1989. He's adorable. Logan Henderson is my favorite Member of Big Time Rush..
He's better then Justin Bieber and 21 years old. (And cute!) This is James Maslow... A.K.A. Bandana Man...
He's been singing since he's 5 and is very talented. Kendall Schmidt has guest starred on Ghost Whisperer and many other
Shows. Wow. And He's got blue eyes. Big Time Rush is the best show ever! It's about brother hood,
friendship, and Singing bro!
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