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Joey L-G

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

BOOK TALK! YAY! The Glory Wind The Glory Wind is about a ten year old boy named Luke who lives in Manitoba just after WWII. He meets and befriends a girl named Gracie who just moved into town and they play together a lot and become each others only real friends. Gracie's mother turns out to have a job which the rest of the town finds very offensive, although it is not explained in the book what it is exactly. Soon all of the parents in town tell their children not to go near Gracie because of what her mother did. Even David was told by his parents not to play with her anymore. Gracie gets more and more excluded in school and the parents even try to get her removed from school. But still Luke finds ways of meeting Gracie after school without anyone noticing. When things look like they cant get any worse, a completely random tornado tears though Gracie's backyard and Gracie isn't found. Main Themes FRIENDSHIP ACCEPTANCE WAR BULLYING Glenn Gould:
Music and Mind
By Geoffrey Payzant The Glory Wind
By Valerie Sherrard Glenn Gould: Music and Mind Glenn Gould is a Torontonian Pianist who has won many awards over his life time. He was born in to a very musical family and learned most of his musical skill from his mother and father. He was also know for some strange habits like sitting on a very low chair, or humming while playing. Glenn Gould also died when he was fifty due to a stroke that paralyzed half of his body. Main Themes CRITICISM Around the World in Eighty Days Around the World in
Eighty Days
By Jules Verne Main Themes RASISM, SEXISM Sited Work Print.
Payzant, Geoffrey. Glenn Gould: Music & Mind. Toronto: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1978.

Sherrard, Valerie. The Glory Wind. Markham, Ont.: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2010.

Verne, Jules. Around the World in 80 Days. New York: Baronet /Playmore, 1989. FAMILY DEPRESSION ADVENTURE JUSTICE When Phileas Fogg read in the morning paper that it is theoretically possible to go around the world in eighty days, he makes a huge bet with his friends that he can do it. So he quickly goes off with his trusty servant Passpartout around the world. On their way they have many adventures including fighting an Indian cult, saving a Princess named Aouda, and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy boats, sleds, and camels all to get back to London in eighty days. There is also a detective named Fix, who thinks Mr. Fogg robbed a bank and is trying to catch him. At the end, when they have less than a day to spare, Fix catches them and put Fogg in jail. Fogg is soon proven innocent, and released. Phileas Fogg, Passpartout, and Aouda finally make it back to London with ten seconds left and they win the bet. FRIENDS Joey Lakerdas-Gayle
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