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Ivan the Terrible

trey and sebastian project

sebastian fulleda

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Ivan the Terrible

Upbringing His father passed away when he was three.
His mother, Yelena Glinskaya, took rule for Ivan until he was of age, but five years later she died most likely of poisoning.
Leaving him neglected and abused for nine years by the nobles, who were all fighting for power. Heritage/Family His grandfather, Ivan the Great, known for his military accomplishments. He began to centralize the Russian Government.
His father Vasily continued Russian's growth by adding territory. All to increase the power of the central government
Married Anastasia Zakharina, very important to him. She was the only one to keep him in check. They had 6 children.
His wife died in 1560 of a disease. Ivan accused his nobles of poisoning her.
It is recorded that he remarried 7 times, but it is not certain how many there were.
He killed his son Ivan Ivanovich in a fit of rage, he was destined to be the next great leader. Ivan Vasilyevich The Good Years
Took the throne at the age of 17 in 1547
He revised the law code, created an elite standing army, and introduced local self-management in rural regions. New trade routes opened up.
Built the well known St. Basils Catherdral Death/Legacy
Divine right: the idea that God made the monarchy and that the monarch was God's representative on Earth.
Self appointing himself as an absolute ruler. Doing what he saw fit. Taking no advice from any of his council. References Biography.com/IvanIV
http://www.emersonkent.com/history_notes/ivan_the_terrible.htm August 25, 1530-March 18, 1584 Ivan "The Terrible" Ruling years The Bad Years
Fell ill in 1553
Several years later his wife died. Ivan believed that the boyars had poisoned her.
He left Moscow and his people begged for his return. This allowed him to declare absolute power.
One year later he set up a system called Oprichnina or “Separate Estate”. Which seperated certain territories from the kingdom. He established Russia's first police force. He also handpicked a group of police named the Oprichniki.
The massacre of the city of Novgorod was brutal. Suspecting its people of treason, Ivan personally led the troops. The city was ravaged and thousands murdered. Ivan died while playing chess with Bogdan Belsky on March 18, 1584
Leaving the kingdom to his unfit son Feodor
His nickname is a legacy in it's own. Everyone knows him for being Ivan the "Terrible".
He became the First Russian ruler to have the title of, "Tzar."
He expanded Russia rapidly mostly through conquest. Allowing Russia to trade with the rest of Europe.
Opened up the White Sea and the port of Archangel to English merchants.
The creation of the Oprichnina system allowed to take away the power of the boyars, and create a more centralized government.
The Tartars were a threat to Russia. Ivan captured their city Kazan in 1552 and later Astrakhan in 1556. Absolute monarchy: form of government where Monarch has ultimate control over the state and society
He introduced new laws, many of which increased the power of his central government over the boyars of Russia.
Developing laws to restrict the movement of peasants helped to solidify his rule, and also laid the groundwork for serfdom. Definitions
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