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Food and Society

Connecting all pieces of the food system to human social activity

Brynn Slate

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Food and Society

Big picture vegetables: Links in the food system Eating Buying and procuring Trade and transportation Farming and production traditions
family recipes
national eating habits
globalization of food preferences
widespread health issues supermarkets: high-end, discount, urban, big box
restaurants: fast food, sit-down
mini marts, bodegas, convenience stores
food panties, soup kitchens export and import crops
global food suply
regulations and agreements
foreign relations and food aid
food scares
farmer's markets, co-ops, community supported agriculture (CSA) fields and factories
on the job hazards
worker's rights
cultural beliefs about labor What foods are appealing and/or available to different groups/communities?

How does where we buy food affect social interactions, roles, and status?

How do we offer structural support to people who are hungry? Buying
and procuring Trade and
transportation Farming
and production How does a global food market shape our relationship to our closest neighbors as well as people across the planet?

How are cultural traditions impacted by the introduction of non-local foods? Who is involved in growing or making our food?

Who does the work? Who makes the decisions? Who makes money from these processes?

How does society benefit or lose from the ways our food is grown or produced? Questions... What is the most influential factor determining your food choices? Quick survey a) Who you share it with
b) Where it comes from (literally and/or culturally)
c) What it tastes like
d) How much time it takes to buy/make/consume Understanding human social activity Participation = having a say Gardening Definitions Community Society Citizenship ...and answers...and more questions Buying
and procuring Trade and
transportation Farming
and production Teenagers growing food and community Society through the
lens of the
food system Gardening with Claremont More opportunities at urbanfarmvolunteers.blogspot.com Soil prep, weeding, planting Pre-K and kindergarten students See you next time! Your life Society Produce donated to Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 People living together
Our classes, schools
People we share things with The outside world
that influences the way
you interact with people Natural born
legal status
Being involved/giving back
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