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No description

Louise Tilley

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Programming

What is programming?
Early Programming
Programming is where you talk
to the computer in codes. You
can create programes such as
games, a caloreie counter or
even a calculator!
We need programmes for everything
electronic! eg. Computers, DS, they
are all made of codes!
The first ever program created on a computer was print "Hello World!" which printed the words Hello World! onto the computer screen. This is the most simplist program there is.
The History of Python
Hello World!
Python was created by Guido Van Rossum, in February 1991. He wanted to create a language that would be similar to ABC programming, but with improvements.

He named it PHYTON after his favourite show, "Monty Python's Flying Circus", not a snake at all!
Although programming
may seem boring or
confusing, programming
is a valuable job in our
new technological world!
But why do we need programmers?
Some famous programmers are...
Everything that we use, computers, games and software are all written in code. Programming is only taught in a tiny amount of schools, and we need more programmers. That's why they earn so much; there are hardly any of them!
Did you know?
Python was intended for teaching and pro typing not a systems language.

Tim Berners-Lee - inventor of World Wide Web
Richard Brodie - Microsoft Word
Mark Zuckerberg - inventor of Facebook
Toru Iwatani - creator of Pac-Man
What if...
..there were no programmers??? We wouldn't have computer programs, no games, no internet,not even this prezi your reading now! Not even this text!
I'm tired
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