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Gordon Cheng

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Irony

What is irony
A literary technique
Express meaning by using opposite words.
Purposes of Irony
Verbal Irony
A speaker says one thing but means the opposite.
Situational Irony
Also known as "irony of situation"
reality is the reverse of expectation
Dramatic Irony
Dramatic Irony occurs when the audience knows an event that characters don't
State the meaning implicitly
No extra explanation needed
Make events more dramatic and complex
To inspire more thinking
Julius Caesar
, Anthony, loyal to Julius Caesar, refers the conspirators as "honorable men" to the crowd.

Lord of the Flies
, a group of boys wish to establish orders, but they become savages in the end.

, Macbeth family welcomes Duncan to their castle, but Macbeth plans to kill Duncan.

, Mathilde works hard for ten years just for a fake necklace which she thinks it is real.

Irony vs. Sarcasm
Sarcasm: a language that is intended to mock or insult someone.

Irony: emphasis on the assertion of the truth.
NOT meant to be unpleasant or harsh.
Examples in literature
... More Examples
Irony includes verbal irony, situational irony, and dramatic irony.
Used to mock certain
Simplest & least important kind of irony
most important kind of irony
by: Gordon, Tommy, Judy
In the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, Coleridge wrote:
“Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.”

In the Greek drama “Oedipus Rex”,Sophocles wrote:
“Upon the murderer I invoke this curse,
whether he is one man and all unknown,
Or one of many,
may he wear out his life in misery to miserable doom!”
Common Uses of Irony
To make social commentary

To argue some issues by saying the opposite
Always shows up in the dialogue
Connect with audience's experience and knowledge
Audience can sense verbal irony through the context
That's all!
Thank you for listening to our PRESENTATION!!!
1. In real life, an ambulance comes to a woman's house to take her to the hospital, hopefully to save her life. On the way to the hospital the ambulance is hit by a semi truck and everyone in the ambulance is killed.

A. situational irony
B. verbal irony
C. dramatic irony

2. You work all afternoon cooking a fancy dinner for your friend. When he takes his first bite, he spits it out into his napkin without you seeing and says to you, "Oh Sweetie, this is wonderful!"

A. situational irony
B. verbal irony
C. dramatic irony

3. A movie you are watching shows a woman jogging in the woods. The next scene shows a mountain lion lying down the path where the woman is jogging.

A. situational irony
B. verbal irony
C. dramatic irony

4. In your history book, you read about a young man in the Revolutionary War who kills a British soldier. That soldier who was killed turns out to be his favorite cousin.
A. verbal irony
B. dramatic irony
C. situational irony
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