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Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Movie Review- EC

S Desai

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Theme of Movie: This movie explores the beauty of a child's innocence during a time of war.

Bruno does not know the difference between Schmuel and himself; he just knows they are all human, and the unprejudiced humanity inside him wants to help the "Poor, strange farmers who wear pajamas all day". Symbols Music Boy in the Striped Pajamas Movie Review
Sarishka Desai Interesting Aspects of the Film I thought it was interesting the movie was told from a "Nazi" point of view, as most Holocaust stories are told from inside the camp. Through this, I was forced to view a new perspective of the Holocaust. Firstoff, I realized that not all Nazi supporters were aware of the horrid treatment of the Jews. For example, Bruno's mother does not know that Jews were being burned alive until Kurt, a soldier accidentally reveals this information to her. This leads to a big fight between her and her husband, proving all Nazi supporters weren't cruel.

Secondly, I thought it was interesting that German men must be loyal, but woman don't necessarily have to. For example, Kurt, a Nazi soldier, is embarrassed and transferred since his father, who fled the country wasn't loyal; and Kurt didn't report him. However, it was acceptable not to report a disloyal woman; Bruno's father didn't have to report Bruno's disloyal grandmother. I think that the movie is trying to portray that only men were taken seriously, and only men were seriously punished for disloyalty. Striped Pajamas
Music was key in portraying and enhancing the mood of the movie - 3 Key Songs Boys Playing Airplanes (Bruno is playing with his friends) This song is light, upbeat, and very melodious. It shows Bruno's times of happiness, when he thought he had it all; good friends and a happy life. This is why the song maintains it's joy and harmony throughout it, and doesn't change moods. Bruno is content with his life. The Winds Blow Gently Through the Garden ( Bruno is in the "forbidden" garden, curious and excited) This song starts out almost in a confused sense; with deep tones, and very piano (quiet). However, it gradually picks up tempo and volume. At about 3:00, it sounds like Bruno has discovered something, and at 3:15, it seems as though he has reached a stage of being overwhelmed by wonder;the high notes seem to express this. This excitement then diminishes at the end of the song. Strange New Clothes (Bruno enters the Concentration Camp) This song is the deepest song in the movie, with an underlying sense of darkness. The feeling of nervousness and danger is always there. At 3:40, however, Bruno enters the camp, and the sense of wonder at being in the camp is evident. The most notable section in this song is in the end; the shrill noise, where there is a sense of sheer danger and horror, almost as if a person is screaming. The Striped Pajamas represent how Schmuel and the other Jews have been stripped of their identities - they are no longer people; just numbers, lost in a sea of blue and white that is frowned upon by the world. Throughout the movie, the fence represents the boundary between Schmuel and Bruno ; it shows how different they are, and makes a contrast between the two worlds they live in. The Window The Fence The window symbolizes exploration; it is through looking through the window that Bruno's curiousity starts to get the better of him and he is prompted to go exploring the camp, as he wants to be an adventurer.
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