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No description

Pamela Calzada

on 30 April 2010

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DELIVERING ON OUR PROMISES What problem are we trying to solve?

WE NEED TO DEFINE What is a product manager? TO BE A GOOD PRODUCT MANAGER Know the market.
Find valuable problems to solve.
Articulate the vision and strategy to keep everyone aligned. As with anything we’re trying to do, get back to the problem. Prioritize the problems and start working your way through them in a phased approach. Identify the
challenge Look for the
root cause Approach What happens if we don't
deliver what we promised? it is important to know what you already have to offer, and what is in the pipeline and when will it be finished. This will define your limit, power of negotiation, and your capacity to deliver what you promised. For whom are we trying to solve the problem? How pervasive and valuable is solving the problem? What is our vision of the solution? What context do we need to
communicate to drive the solution?
Can we solve it in its entirety or
can we take a phased approach?
Session Objectives:
1. The member must have a full understanding of how to procede in order to deliver on a product.
2. At the end of the session the member should be able to analize a product flow.
3. The member will know the how to of delivering. THANK YOU!
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