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Emma Beardsley

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Spain

Economic Activities Spain By Emma, Jessica, and Nicole Land Use Geographer Economic Geographer Political Geographer Population 28th most populated country
47 million people
The U.s. is about 6x the size
France has about 5 million more people than Spain Madrid Center of Spain
Many rivers
Manzanares River
Travel time is about the same
Madrid is the capital city
3.4 million people
Largest city in Spain
7.2% of Spain
New York City is about 2.5x bigger
3% of the U.S.
Madrid is almost 2x as big as Paris
Paris is 3.5% of France Barcelona 2nd biggest city
1.6 million
Located on the coast
3.5% of Spain
Los Angeles has about 3.8 million, 3x as big
Marseille has a population of about 8 million people
0.15% of France Valencia 3rd largest city
8 million people
Huge port and many major roads
2% of Spain
Chicago has about 2.7 million people, making it about 3x bigger
1% of the U.S.
Lyon has a population of almost 500,000
1% of France Constitutional monarchy
crowned republic
prime minister- head of government and excercises political power voting-18 women and men
known for being relatively stable
corruption not a problem former republic
peaceful transition to democracy
civil war 1936-39 between loyalists and nationalists boundaries are geographic
mountains and bottleneck
elevation change between portugal and spain majority religion- Catholic
freedom of religion guaranteed
unique foods- paellas and tapas Spain has a mixed economy as does the U.S. and other developed countries. A mixed economy has stock, import and trade, and revenue from taxation of its residents. Living in Spain Per Capita GDP Spain-$30,400

The GDP in Spain and surrounding countries is around the same. The GDP in the U.S. is higher then Spain and surrounding countries Standard Living High
Developed country
Life expectancy, literacy rate comparison, personal income and dead kids per woman. Imports/Exports Top Export-Cars (11%)
Top Import-Cars (5%)
Top Trade Partner (exports)-France (16%)
Top Trade Partner (imports)-Germany (14%) Some people thrive with their own jobs, other people have trouble finding a job.
High unemployment rate of about 27%.
High literacy rate of about 98%.
High life expectancy of about 81 years for total population.
Most people have access to a doctor. Primary Activity: Commercial Farming
Secondary Activity: Manufacturing
Tertiary Activity: Nurse, etc.
Quaternary Activity: Researchers Boundaries Culture History of Government Current Government Everyday Life housing
work Urban/Rural Areas 77% of people live in urban areas
Rural spaces include: rock towers, deserts, mountains, sea cliffs, and country sides
Plenty of space for plants and animals
They care about the wildlife
There are 14 national parks in Spain
There are also nature parks for the plants and animals
There are 59 national parks in the U.S. Climate One of the warmest countries in Europe
Dry summers
Winters with balanced temperatures
Winters can also be cold and snowy
Warm summers make a large tourist destination
Snowy mountains make for good skiing
Sub-tropical Mediterranean climate Land Use 1/3 used for crops
2/3 has buildings, roads, meadows, and forests Unique Land Formations The Rock of Gibraltar
-located on the coast
-near the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea
-captured by the British
-important navy base
Pyrenees Mountain Range
-natural border between Spain and France
-rocky, jagged, snow-covered peaks
Sierra Nevada Mountains
-base of the mountains is tropical
-peaks are snow-covered
-skiing is a popular activity The Rock of Gibraltar Pyrenees Mountain Range Sierra Nevada Mountains THE END Pablo Picasso Tibidabo Amusement Park The Metropolis Building is an insurance office building in Madrid The City of Arts and Sciences Most visited tourist destination San Mauricio National Park Concha Beach Pyrenees Mountains Andalucia, Spain Galicia, Spain Purple Heron Iberian Lynx It is called a "city" because it is a huge complex of many different buildings Gardenia Iris Los Gigantes in Tenerife, Spain Malaga, Spain Barcelona, Spain Madrid, Spain Public Holidays all saints day
good friday
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