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Arctic Lowland ~Natural Resources~

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Parneet Jawandha

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Arctic Lowland ~Natural Resources~

Natural Resources The Arctic Lowlands A large oil field lies below Beaufort and the Mackenzie River. The region has important The Arctic char is similar to Salmon. Arctic Char Arctic Char is a great source of food. The Polaris mine on Little
Cornwallis Island
is the most upper
mine in the world! resources, such as zinc, lead, oil, natural gas and coal Arctic Char non-renewable these are called "non-renewable" because they
disappear after being used. Some products from the region besides minerals are sold elsewhere in
Canada and the world. These include furs, frozen fish such as Arctic char, and works of art such as soapstone sculptures. Did you know
Inuit artists have created soapstone sculptures that have been sold around the world. THE END
~Clap~ The Arctic Lowlands
region has a few
renewable resources other
than its animal life. There is no farmland or forest because its cold and chilly.
The animals and sea life provide important food and clothing resources for people who live there. Some product are sold outside the region. Salmon Hot Warm Cold Desert House Arctic Lowlands South North Middle of
North and South No cellphones or
any other electronics
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