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maxwell andrews

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Editing

In Camera Editing
Engaging the Viewer
Engaging the viewer in film is when the crew does certain changes to the film that engages the viewer. There are lots of ways to engage the viewers in film. There are certain shots that are filmed in order to give the audience an amazing experience that is shown. Different camera shots will make the film much more entertaining to the audience, than just doing usually the same type of shot every time.

•Close ups will make the scene intense and exciting
•Medium shots will show actions of the actors body and the audience will see it perfectly, especially if there is a duel or a fight.
•Long shots will show the area where the action is in a scene or the area that the whole film is in. (cities, towns, buildings and more)

Unit 16 Editing
Maxwell Andrews
Following the Action
Shot Variation
Shot variation describes the use of different shot types throughout the scene of entire production. There are a multitude of different shot variations ranging from high shots, low shot, close ups, establishing shots, long shots and the list goes on. Each shot type is used to convey something different to the viewer. Shot Variations could be considered one of the key sets of tools in a cinematographers arsenal when conveying what they want to the viewer on screen.

Each shot has a purpose and has a particular effect on how the viewer perceives what is happening on screen. A shot variation can portray the emotional state of a character or environment to even a foreshadowing of events to come.
Montage Editing

Multiple points of view
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