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The Good Consumer (Chp 8)

No description

Miss Cummins

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of The Good Consumer (Chp 8)

The Good Consumer (Chp 8)
Miss Cummins
What is a consumer?
A person, organisation or business that buys goods and services for their own use
A good consumer is:
An informed consumer

Aware of laws and organisations that protect consumers

Able to make a complaint if goods/services are unsatisfactory
The Informed Consumer
Know what they want
Choose wisely
NOT impulsive
Investigate into different sellers and compare prices/quality
Finding out about prices and quality
Make enquiries
Read reviews
Ask friends
Visit seller/retailer
Ordering Good and Services
How can we order goods?

We are all consumers !

We buy food, clothes, cars, magazines
We get our hair cut
We rent DVDs and video games
Always keep a copy of an order !
Sample letter page 57
Written proof of payment
Very important when paying by cash . . . why ???
A receipt will show:
Amount paid
Who made the payment
The date of issue
Number for reference
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