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20140514 Be The Change ...

No description

Hassan Harfouche

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of 20140514 Be The Change ...

Change Management
Program is a
initiative of AZF to lead, manage and enable people to accept new Processes, Technologies, Systems, Structures & Values.
The change vision is established to 'tie-in' the best ideas that will produce good results.
Remove obstacles, inspire, promote optimism and build confidence around the change effort. Address members and processes resisting the change.
A team should be built to support the change vision.
People generally do not follow titles, they follow leaders. 
Once the change team is in place, the momentum to change should be kept, communicating the urgency to change to be maintained.
Get people ready to change. Motivate them to take action. It is not recommended to move to the next step if most of the people aren't inspired to change!
8 Steps
to Transform AZF
Establishing a
Sense of Urgency
Forming a Powerful
Guiding Coalition
Creating a
Change Vision
the Change Vision
Empowering Others
to Act on the Change
Planning for and Creating Quick Wins
Consolidating Improvements and Producing More Changes
New Approaches
It's easy to fall back to old ways, so continue to look for ways to make sure the changes will stick.

True lasting change doesn't happen overnight, and requires persistence and patience.
Focus on creating the momentum early on by making smaller changes that are visible to the entire organization.
Working as one, changing to the better and inspiring our people to achieve the set goals.
The governance structure specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different members in the corporation (such as the board of directors, managers and other stakeholders) and specifies the rules and procedures for making decisions in corporate affairs.
Provide the structure through which MOs pursue their objectives
Develop a mechanism for monitoring the actions, policies and decisions of corporations
Better alignment of interests among the stakeholders
Involved Parties
Owner: STR
Supported by: HR, Legal, IT
Basic Measures
Availability of authority matrix, organizational structure, operating model and formal policies
Alignment with Emiri decree
Corporate Governance
The ultimate goal of any change initiative is to ensure everyone in the organization is
ready, willing and able

to appropriately perform their role in the new environment

A Change Management Program
for Change

AZF Change Journey
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Identification of centralized functions
Level of service
Frequency of communication
Process flows and alignment
Owner: STR
Supported by: HR, MRK, IT, FIN, LEG, BDU, STR
Design, develop and approve the operating model that fits for AZF
More focus on core business and innovation
Gain synergy amongst MOs
It is important to keep to fully utilize the role of each entity under the umbrella of AZF and focus on core businesses.
Operational Efficiency
Employee satisfaction (Gallup)
Ethics review
Employee retention
Positions with career plans
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Employee Engagement
Major component of the change management that enhances the employee’s satisfaction and increases the level of loyalty towards AZF.
Create awareness of job importance and clarity of job expectations
Develop career advancement/improvement opportunities
Regular feedback and open communication channels with superiors and peers
Comply with the ethics and values of AZF
Create an atmosphere of fairness amongst employees
Join caliber to join
Owner: HR
Supported by: MRK
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Empowerment is simply the effective use of a manager’s authority and a productive way to maximize all-around work efficiency. Every member has to feel empowered to change for the better.
Share information with everyone
Create autonomy through boundaries (decision making)
Build self-managed teams
Owner: HR
Supported by: MRK, IT, STR
Awareness campaign on empowerment
Annual training plans
In-house training courses
Partnerships with training organizations
Availability of equal-opportunity training policy
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Training and Development
Training and development help achieve and maintain a competitive advantage for AZF by changing a group of people within it.
Build future leaders
Facilitate progression
Career development
Employee retention
Owner: HR
Supported by: all departments
Enhancing the recruitment process helps in refined selection of employees by focusing on talent and person-environment-fit; organization, job, group..etc.
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Owner: HR
Supported by: IT, Quality, MRK
Percentage of vacancies/ filled positions
Percentage of turnover during probation period
Employee satisfaction at the end of probation period
Recruitment process timeline
Ensure proper analysis of jobs and development of clear job descriptions with department hierarchy, and future plans with specific criteria
Consider appropriate advertising for internal and external recruitment
Apply best practices for screening and selection, job application form and interviews by HR and supervisor to ensure equal opportunities
Focus on soft skills

Processes covered
Customer satisfaction
Operational cost
Revisit all the processes within AZF, find ways to improve them to cut cost, improve stakeholders' satisfaction and enhance competitive advantage
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Business Process Re-engineering
Analysis and design of workflows and business processes within AZF
Rethink!! and improve
Promote AZF as being a center of excellence to achieve int'l certication
Owned by Quality supported by all departments and MO's
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Owned by STR supported IT and by all departments and MO's
Strategic and Performance Management
Provides the high level plan for AZF MO's to achieve intended goals and act towards them
Formulation and implementation of goals
Ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner
AZF - MO - Dept - Employee
Automation of performance management
Alignment of AZF strategic objectives with MO's
Percentage of measures reported on frequently
Availability of historical data and trend analysis
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Owned by IT supported by all departments and MO's
Major processes have to be automated and well designed rather than manually managed
Determine the business needs and issues
Leverage AZF strength in strategic management, business analysis and process optimization
Give room for innovation in AZF and optimization
Prioritization according to feasibility and profitability
Processes automated
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Succession and Career Planning
Develop succession plans, career planning goals, and a leader retention program
Develop succession plans, career planning goals, and a leader retention program
Improve employee commitment and retention
Identify those with the potential to assume greater responsibility in AZF
Meet the career development expectations of existing employees
Positions with career plan
Senior positions with succession plan
Owned by HR supported by STR
Owner HR, supported by STR
Developing the leadership abilities and attitudes of individuals
Develop formalized programs for developing leadership competencies
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Leadership Development
Enhance the quality of leadership within AZF, this is a vital part in the change management program
360 degrees feedback (Gallup)
Leadership programs
Percentage of leaders covered in programs
Internal Communication
Owner STR, supported by MRK, HR
Availability of Communication Strategy
Employee retention
360 degrees feedback (Gallup)
Develop a "Communication Strategy" to create shared understanding among employees about AZF values, goals and activities and a climate of openness within the organization
Reduced day-to-day conflict between team members
Higher employee retention rates
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Helps connecting the management, its policies and philosophy to the employees, and vice-versa.
Involved Parties
Basic Measures
Helps new-joiners acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective AZF members
Development of orientation plans and mentor-ship sessions
Welcome program to introduce new comers to AZF culture and values
Owned by HR supported by MRK, Quality
Employee-job satisfaction
Positions with onboarding plans
An opportunity for improvement
Increased employee performance
Improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency
Provides a way to anticipate and respond to challenges
Helps to align existing resources within AZF
AZF can respond faster to customer demands
No negative effect on the day to day running of business
What are the benefits?

Why does change fail?
Uneven deployment through
decentralized member organizations
Inability to move initiatives from senior executive level through manager / head ranks
Be The Change..
Reaction to Change..
Possible Reactions:
Sense of shock
Ending, Losing, Letting GO
How to absobrb / deal with reactions:
Accept employees’ reactions
Be open about losses and show care and concern
Look for ways to compensate employees for their losses
Provide employees with lots of information
Listen and pay attention to what is being said
Allow people time to grieve
Respond to the questions
Possible Reactions:
Decreased motivation
Some hope
The Neutral Zone
How to absobrb / deal with reactions:
Talk to staff about the feelings they can expect at this stage
Create temporary policies, procedures or structures as necessary
Strengthen connections within the team
Encourage employees to think of new ways of doing things and trying out ideas
Start training people on the new skills they will need
Continue to explain the purpose and plan
Possible Reactions:
New energy
New identity
Sense of purpose
The New Beginning
How to absobrb / deal with reactions:
Explain the purpose for the new beginning
Continue to communicate the vision: what will the outcome of the change look like
Develop a transition plan: when they will receive information, training and support
Give employees parts to play in the transition

Has the overall responsibility for the program
Is the person who has authority over the project and over
the individuals who will implement the change
Provides support, resolves issues and scope changes
Approves major milestones and provides high-level direction
Has a clear vision, identified goals and measurable outcomes
for the change initiative

Has the overall day-to-day authority
Provides the Sponsor with information about the issues and challenges
Engages and involves the right people
on the ground
Brings the change vision to life
Encourages (and sometimes enforces)
new and desired behaviors
Focus on assisting, advising and coaching the change effort within AZF
Act in a number of roles –data gatherer, educator, advisor, facilitator or coach
Act as subject-matter-experts in the change management process

Employees who will be impacted by the change

It is critical that they are involved in the process and understand how the change initiative will impact their current state

Not anticipating and pro-actively managing people issues
Lack of involvement by senior management
Lack of visible sponsorship
Failure to remove organizational barriers
Lack of baseline/metrics/system to measure progress
To ensure a successful program
Clear Change Vision
Senior Management Support
Right Team Skills
Proper Communication
Leaders Commitment
Project Initiation
Change Readiness
Set detailed Plan
Formulate team
Program Design
Identify Change need
Leadership Programs
Program Execution
Start implementation
Change Enabler
Leadership training
Program Review
First Assessment
Action Plan
Program Execution
Leadership training
Employee Engagement
Program Execution
Execution Phase completion
Review and assessment
Program Reinforcement
Process Reinforcement
Culture Reinforcement
Leadership Assessment
Leadership assessment
Competencies Assessment
Program Conclusion
Program Assessment.
Employee Survey
Future Actions
Lead The Change..
Be the change you want to see in the world
~Mahatma Gandhi
People go through three stages of transition:
It is important that all segments are addressed
in order to ensure success
Common Challenges!!
It is the set of activities that helps
people transition from their

state to the

Current State
desired State
Employee Engagement
Training and Development
Strategic and Performance Management
Business Process Re-eingineering
Continuous Improvement
Leadership Development
Succession and Career Planning
Internal Communications
Corporate Governance
Organizational Efficiency
Program Champion
Change Agent
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