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The effects of smoking

No description

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of The effects of smoking

Smoking can Increase:
*Smoking can increase irritability
*Smoking can increase Impatience
*Smoking can increase hostility
*Smoking can increase anxiety
The effects of smoking
The Bones
The Vision
The Lungs & Breathing
Smoking is very bad for you, as you just saw.
*Smoking causes depressed mood
*Smoking causes difficulty concentrating
*Smoking causes restlessness
*Smoking causes decreased heart rate
Smoking Causes
Studies show tobacco use decreases bone density.

Smoking is bad for your eyes and it leads to blindness.
Smoking forms tar in your lungs and it makes you breath heavily.
Hello im going to teach you the
How does smoking effect...
Here are most of the ingredients in a cigarette I found interesting
Here is some facts related
to smoking
Smokers die earlier than non smokers,
Men smoke more than woman, and
90% of lung cancer is caused by smoking.

*acetic acid
*alfalfa extract
*beeswax white
*buchu leaf oil
*hops oil
During my research I discovered:

* 70 chemicals in a cigarette cause cancer
* There are over 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette
Thank You For Your Time
Any Questions?
Why I Picked This Topic:

* For People To Have Better Health

*My Mom Smokes

*My Dad Used To Smoke

*A Lot Of My Family Smokes
My Groups Action Was Passing Out Brochures We Made, We Left 10 At The Middle School, And We Passed Out 30 At Our Lunch With The 3rd Graders And We Had Many Errors With It But It Came Out Perfect In The End.
We Would Like To Thank Our Mentor Mrs.Hermen For Helping Us With Our Project She Helped Us So Much.
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