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Predicting and Preventing Infectious Diseases

No description

Educurious Team

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Predicting and Preventing Infectious Diseases

Predicting and Preventing Infectious Diseases
Module 1: Experiences with Infectious Disease
What are your questions about infectious disease?
Interview your community about infectious disease
Video- Human Body Systems

Module 2: Immune System and the Pox Boardgame
Human immune system gallery walk
Video - The Immune System
Video- Khan Academy - Phagocytes and non-specific immunity
Expert discussion on modeling diseases
Assignment 2.1: Pox strategy journal
Simulation - Herd immunity
Module 3: Pathogens and New Viruses
Pathogen gallery walk and slides
Video - How a Virus Invades Your Body
Draw a virus
Video - Evolution Before Our Eyes
Read excerpt from Nathan Wolfe’s The Viral Storm
Video - TED talk- Nathan Wolfe
Nathan Wolfe, Virus Hunter Discussion

Module 4: Pathogenikia
Video - Pathogenika Introduction
Play the online game
Assignment 4.1: Pathogenika concept map.
Games as model discussion
Module 9: Elevator Speech
Postmortem template
Assignment 9.1: Postmortem
Elevator pitch builder
Assignment 9.2: Elevator speech
Infectious disease post-test

Module 5: Pandemic and Public Health Policy
Video - David Fleming - Public Health Director
Play Pandemic board game
Pandemic reflection
ASTHO - international report on disease
Discussion: How can we use games as models?
Video- What you need to know about ID?
Infectious disease quiz

Module 6: Project Overview and Pitch
Use a pitch template to propose a game
Explore digital game resources
Assignment 6.1: Pitch document
Module 7: Storyboard
Storyboard techniques
Use a storyboard template
Assignment 7.1: Storyboard
Module 8: Paper Prototype
Build a paper prototype
Paper prototype journal
Assignment 8.1: Paper prototype
Photo or video assignment
Need to know Question:
How do infectious diseases constantly outsmart us and continue to threaten human populations around the globe?
To answer this question you'll explore the causes for disease and learn how the body systems work together to fight infection. You'll see how infectious disease is like a game fought between the body and invading pathogens.
The Project
You will dive into the exciting field of game design by creating a proposal for a new game that teaches about infectious disease. Then you'll build a prototype.
First you'll learn some science concepts and then try out a few games before you design your own.
Get Started
Does game design appeal to you as a possible career?
What have you learned about the process?
What are the next steps for you?
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