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Autism Spectrum Disorder

No description

Sherron Haynes

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Austim Spectrum Disorder
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Symbolic Interactionism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Important Facts
Children start showing signs of the disorder in infancy.
Autism can start to surface as early as 10 months and can be diagnosed by 18-24 months old.

Caregivers should not take these actions as the child being a “good baby” or “quiet child”.

Caregivers need keep notes and speak with the child pediatricians early on to help with a diagnoses.
There are certain signs to look for, here are a few.

Traits Of Autism
According to the CDC 1 in 45 children in New Jersey have autism, more than any other state.

Not A Disease
Autism is not a disability or disease. Autism is caused by a genetic difference in their genes
1.Does not make eye contact.

2.Does not respond to his/her name.

3.Does not point or wave or use other gestures to communicate.
4.Does not play with others or share interest in enjoyment.
How does this affect us moving forward?
Early Detection and Education can save “Lives & Money”

Childhood Cost
Adulthood cost
On average, the cost for children with autism and an intellectual disability in the U.S. was more than $107,800 per year up to age 5, and roughly $85,600 per year between ages 6 and 17.
Among children with no diagnosed intellectual disabilities, the associated costs were lower: approximately $63,290 per year for those 5 and under, and $52,205 per year for those between 6 and 17.
The top average annual cost was special education, followed by parents' productivity losses and medical expenses, including inpatient, outpatient, emergency, home health care, pharmacy and out-of-pocket costs.

Among adults with autism in the U.S., the top average annual cost was for accommodations (many adults with autism benefit from living in some form of supported housing), followed by medical expenses and lost productivity. Average costs for adults with intellectual disabilities were more than $88,000 per year. For those without such disabilities, average costs were roughly $50,300 per year.

The total cost for a Lifetime of care on average.
"The lifetime cost of individuals with ASD and no intellectual disabilities was $1.4 million -- and that's in addition to the costs that would accrue with a typically-developing child,”
"It's $2.4 million for individuals with intellectual disabilities." (According to estimates cited in the report, between 40 and 60 percent of people with autism spectrum disorders also have an intellectual disability, characterized by limitations in intellectual function and adaptive behaviors, including to social and practical skills.)

Education is vital!
Early detection and proper education can help with a life long struggle of unemployment and underemployment for the individual with Autism.

For the “normal” individuals education on this disorder can help as well. We can learn-
1.Patience and flexibility

Shaping our “Future”

We make accommodations for everything else that comes our way but why not our children who learn differently from us?

Preparing the educators can help teach all children that grow up to become supervisors and business owners or educators themselves that we are all the same but some of us are just a little more creative.

Different Not Less

Ryan Larmour is an Irish 18 year old rapper living with Autism. At age 8, Ryan was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and ADHD.

Ryan’s parents joined a local support group for parents who have autistic children, and got the support and education needed to deal with their son’s condition

Ryan is just one of many gifted individuals living with Autism. He uses his lyrics to bring awareness to Autism, and enact change in a world of ignorance.

Artistry in Autism

Stephen Wiltshire, a British architectural artist who is known for his panoramic drawings from memory.

Wiltshire was able to draw the entire New York City skyline after a 20 minute helicopter ride around the city; just another beautifully brilliant mind that is misunderstood

Entrepreneurial Autism: Temple Grendin
Mary Temple Grendin is an American professor of Animal Science. She is also an entrepreneur in agriculture and holds a Masters Degree and Phd and is a specialist on livestock behavior and animal welfare

Competitive Vs Creative
Immense Power of Concentration

People without autism can learn a lot from a person with autism; for it seems as in comparison to thought- the individual with autism thinks on a more creative level, whereas a the “normal” individual is stuck in competitive thought. Competitive thought is what perpetuates ignorance and fear of the creative, because it cannot understand its perfection.

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