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B2B Businesses and Social Media

No description

Justin Rich

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of B2B Businesses and Social Media

B2B Businesses and Social Media Reaching Clients Through Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter Improving Your Facebook Presence 1. Moderate Your Wall Answer questions
Provide advice
Help others meet their needs (Generate good will)
Interact with members of the community to understand their needs (through wall posts and messages) Manage Your Image Improving Your Linkedin Presence Unify your look (Logo, ect.)
Unify your stream of information (post the same Facebook postings to Linkedin company profile)
Moderate your profile Employee Profiles Each employee's profile is a first point of contact for those outside the company
Their linkedin profile needs to provide adaquate information on the Broker's achievements, skills, and abilities
Many need more detail than is currently listed
Utilize Rofo app - 3rd party app in Linkedin
- Allows brokers to show their current and past properties on their profile Rofo: Real Estate Pro Showcasing your past deals and current properties Company Profile Your Linkedin page is MORE important than your website Engage the Market create new connections and maintain old relationships
engage in conversations Tenants
Property Owners
Colleagues Participating in the online community will build: Twitter Mini Blog (140 characters)
Communicates small bits of information
Allows organizations to engage each other in a more personal way What is it? - Answering questions
- Support each other (Passing along info from clients/colleagues)
- Participating in developing new ideas Twitter (cont.) How Twitter’s Used
Disseminating Information
In conjunction with Linkedin and Facebook
Engaging The Market
Answering questions
Engaging in discussion
Discussing market trends
Commenting on tweets from others in the industry
“Retweeting” or sharing postings from others
Helping client/colleagues meet their needs
Even if we don’t initially benefit
Builds good will and client loyalty Answering questions
Engaging in discussion Post content In conjunction with Linkedin and Facebook Engaging The Market Discussing market trends
Commenting on tweets from others in the industry “Retweeting” or sharing postings from others
Helping client/colleagues meet their needs Even if you don’t initially benefit
Builds good will and client loyalty
Presents opprotunity Result What can you hope to gain from increasing your social media exposure? Reach more clients Increase Market Exposure Build company’s professional network - Join and participate in conversations within professional groups
- Answer questions in the "Answers" section
- Help others find what they're looking for 2. Engage With The Community 1. Meet Tenants Where They Are Why Do You Need Social Network Coverage? 2. Consistant In Brand Touch Points - design (look and feel)
- content strategy (what you are saying)
- across every platform
(linkedin, facebook, twitter) Your company has a brand
Your brand needs a unified voice: The conversation is happening ...
Are you going to be a part of it? Your Clients Are Already There Meet New Clients You needs to continue connecting
Social media allows you to interact with Clients like never before
To get the full benefit of social media you need to participate in the online community by: Example: Good! Why is This Here? The Point - Answering questions
- Sharing information
- Helping others
- Participating in market discussion What Can You Do? Leverage your presence on
Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter 3. Content 4. Engage the Community 2. Present a Uniform Look Your Facebook page represents your company just as much as your website
Your wall needs to be managed to answer questions, respond to comments, and remove spam (ie. Diet Ads) All your logos on all your networks (facebook, linkedin, and twitter) need to be similar.
Communicates unity
Promotes brand awareness You need to generate daily content

The same content needs to flow simultaneously through all your networks - Can be easily accomplished through social media platform tools
(EX: HootSuite) - Example: listings, company or industry news, commentary on industry trends
- If not then your followers will stop paying attention - Linkedin is a network for professionals
- Average income of users are HIGHER than all other networks
- Your first point of contact for people outside your company - recognition for your brand
- good will for Venture
- open up opportunities Discover opportunity Improving Your Linkedin Presence (Cont) www.facebook.com/smashburger
@SmashburgerDTX http://www.facebook.com/GameStop
@gamestop http://www.facebook.com/bucklestore
@BuckleStore Facebook Linkedin Full Company Description Current Content:
Tweets and Blog Feed Additional Info Good Example: Linkedin's Profile Products and Services: Show Off Your Skills Add Videos List and Detail
Your Services Get service Recommendations Spotlight Specific Services Twitter
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