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Social Media Marketing Strategy by Red Bull

No description

Stanislava Lalova

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing Strategy by Red Bull

Social Media Marketing Strategy by Red Bull OUTLINE:
Introducing Red Bull
Identity & Style
Social Media Presence
Success Factors
Conclusions Introducing Red Bull Company Background Identity & Style Overall Identity Social Media Presence Success Factors Intriguing
Part 2 Intriguing Part 1 Conclusions Takeaways Marketing Information Systems

Lecturer: Adjunct Prof. Dr. M. Nikolova 30th March, 2013
UNWE, Sofia Prepared by: Liliana Onischtenko Viktor Merdjanov Dimitar Ivanov Stanislava Lalova Product Portfolio Target Markets Competition Style of Communication Channels of Communication 36,954,908 likes
487,856 talking about this 1,644,493 Followers
In 1,621,540 Circles 935,477 Followers
17,110 Tweets 616,884 Followers
7,992 Following
794 photos 1,886,345 Subscribers
2,730 video clips
524,327,495 views 459,631 Likes 10 Vacancy Notices during the last month only
/all international offices/ 91.4 Klout Score Official Web Site Messages Uploaded Videos Photos Games & Apps Athletes Events Careers RedBullTV History
/dated back to April 1,1987/ Media Connection:
Official Web Site Link
Youtube Videos Customer Relationship Marketing Photos Videos Discussions Events Retweets Shares Favourites Media Connection:
Official Web Site Link
YouTube Videos Information Photos Posts Videos Media Connection:
Official Web Site Link
YouTube Videos Shares Photos Comments Media Connection:
Official Web Site Link Videos Comments Likes Subscribers Assessment +1 User Activeness Video Views Dislikes Information Shares Media Connection:
Official Web Site Link
Google +
Instagram Sign up via Facebook Media Connection:
Twitter Photos Updates Events Tips Location Connections Information Influencers Media Connections:
Official Web Site
Google +
Vimeo Topics Assess +K Engaging people in the posts Profiles:
Red Bull Music Academy
Red Bull X-Fighters
Red Bull Stratos
Red Bull Racing
Red Bull House of Art
Red Bulletin
Red Bull Thre3Style
Red Bull Signature Series
Red Bull Ring
Red Bull Cliff Diving
Red Bull Mobile
Red Bull Records
Red Bull Skydive Team
Red Bull Flugtag
ETC. Channels:
Red Bull
Red Bull Racing
Red Bull Music Red Bull Media House Red Bull TV Channels Thank you for the attention! Company Background 1987 Austria
in more than 165 countries
more than 35 bn cans sold so far Product Portfolio Target Market 15-30 year-olds Risk-takers Ivelin Bozhkov :)
25 years old Competition 3 Official Profiles:
Main Corporate Page
Illume Sports Photography Competition
Red Bull Records 23 Boards
758 Pins
Comments Media Connection:
Official Web Site
Twitter Quality product and original communication strategy
Product benefits – vitalizes body and mind
Distinctive style – “Red Bull gives you wings!”
Usage of opinion leaders – sport and cultural area
World brand recognition
Strong and influential SM presence and network coverage Active participation in the SM
Event marketing
Individual approach to SM users
Standardized product portfolio and marketing tools
Dominant market position
Creative marketing promotions, campaigns, initiatives
SM oriented to specific target groups Well developed SMM strategy
Strong brand awareness
Excellent customer relationship marketing
Perfect SM coverage
Variety of communication instruments Diverse campaigns and sponsorship Increasing customer retention and loyalty Every day SM activity and responses Official social media web site
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