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Previews Listing Presentation

No description

Mary Steffen

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Previews Listing Presentation

(Brief bio inserted here) Please insert your name, bio, and replace the picture with one of yourself. Please replace this photo with one of your client’s home. [YOUR CLIENT NAME HERE]
CLIENT STREET ADDRESS, CLIENT CITY, STATE Please insert your client’s information in the blue banner. EXCEPTIONAL TARGETED MARKETING The Previews Program is unequaled at delivering highly targeted marketing vehicles that speak to the lifestyles of the world’s most affluent homebuyers. To discuss the Previews marketing program with your client, please refer to the handouts inserted in the middle pocket of the printed Listing Presentation. AROUND THE CORNER
AROUND THE WORLD Your extraordinary property deserves nothing less than exceptional representation.

Thank you for entrusting the sale of your home to Coldwell Banker Previews International. HISTORY IS THE DIFFERENCE THE PREVIEWS LEGACY
The Previews concept of luxury home marketing began in 1933 when an entrepreneurial young visionary by the name of Henderson Talbot recognized film as a new medium for reaching an affluent home buying audience. By turning his camera on properties of exceptional design and character, Talbot was able to “preview” these homes to national and international buyers. THE PREVIEWS APPROACH
Successfully marketing an exceptional property requires many things – talent, experience, networks, and above all else – resources. By choosing to work with a Coldwell Banker Previews Agent, you’re making the strategic decision to give your property global exposure on the Internet’s leading real estate sites, a distinct resource advantage over local and regional brokerages. GLOBAL IS THE DIFFERENCE GLOBAL CONNECTIONS
It’s who we know that enables Previews to consistently achieve exceptional results in the luxury home market. Our universal global presence offers you a truly international referral network that counts approximately 92,000 Coldwell Banker Sales Agents among its members, as well as a network of 3,300 offices in 50 countries and territories, covering more international locations than any other brokerage firm. In addition, we have more than 10,000 certified Previews Property Specialists working with high-end buyers and sellers worldwide. COMPREHENSIVE INTERNET MARKETING
The luxury home market is an exclusive one. Because fewer affluent buyers exist, the Coldwell Banker Previews International program has been designed to expand the universe of luxury homebuyers within our clients’ grasp. To accomplish this, we’ve dedicated unmatched resources to broad-reach Internet marketing. This significant investment has been concentrated in marketing relationships that provide broad exposure by placing your luxury home listing on the world’s leading real estate sites. INNOVATIVE COMMUNICATION
We believe in the importance of communication with not only our homeowners but also with every potential buyer. Our innovative customer communication tool ensures a swift response to customer inquiries. The system contacts your agent immediately and makes it easy for them to stay in touch with interested buyers. In addition, our online transaction management system gives you permanent 24/7 secure access to all your transaction documents. KNOWLEDGE IS THE DIFFERENCE EXPERT REPRESENTATION YOUR NAME HERE
(Insert Personal Resume)
(#) Years in Business
(Title or Designations)
(Notable Career Sales)
(Areas of Expertise)
URL Web site: (Provide brief description) Please insert your own personal information. LUXURY MARKET DYNAMICS
Our agents understand the dynamics of the luxury home market and devote considerable attention to assessing local market factors that will influence your property’s valuation in the eyes of prospective buyers. To protect your interests, your Coldwell Banker Previews Agent will take considerable time consulting with you on the pricing strategy for your home and the buyer interest it will generate. This disciplined approach to market evaluation is an important first step that will establish a clear path to a successful home selling experience. IN CLOSING
With more than a century of experience behind us, we have built a solid reputation based on our knowledge and expertise in the fine art of marketing luxury real estate. We are committed to providing you with unsurpassed service. As you embark upon the exciting journey of selling your fine home, we invite you to learn why Coldwell Banker Previews International is the right choice to market your luxury property.
We look forward to building a partnership that exceeds your expectations and goals. A LEADER IN LUXURY REAL ESTATE
In 1906, Colbert Coldwell founded Coldwell Banker® with a philosophy different from others of the day: the customer’s best interest above all. Coldwell Banker is a premier residential real estate organization with over 100 years of exemplary customer service. Our vision – exceptional representation for exceptional properties. POSITIONING YOUR PROPERTY TO BUYERS
Real estate markets are local, and usually are either appreciating markets or depreciating markets. On occasion the market will be in a state of equilibrium, but it is rarely there for long. The buyer pool stays about the same regardless of the market; however it is the buyer’s perception of value that pushes home prices up or down. Similar to stock or precious metals, real estate should be thought of as a commodity rather than a product. It is important to create a perception of value during the initial marketing stage in order to generate the highest volume of qualified buyers to your home.
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