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Portia White

No description

Cassady Morgan

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Portia White

Portia M. White
Who was Portia White?
Portia White was a Jazz, Opera, and Classical singer from African Canadian descent. Portia White broke the colour barrier, and became the first Black Canadian concert singer to win international acclaim (prestige). She is considered one of the best classical singers of the 20th century. She was also named a "person of national historic significance" by the government of Canada in the year 1995.
Portia White's Personality

Portia White was ...
Devoted: To have a strong loyalty for something or someone.

Personable: friendly or pleasent in manner; easy to get along with.

Patient: Able to remain calm when for a long period of time.

Well-Being: The state of being happy, healthy, or sucessful.

Felicity: Somethig that is pleasing and well chosen.
Her Personal Background
Portia White was Born in Truro, Nova Scotia on June 24th, 1911, but was raised in Halifax. As a child, Portia sang in her Church's choir. As she got older she became a teacher and taught in Black communities such as Lucasville, Africville, etc. She took voice lessons in this little while. Portia Sang on radio broadcasts; hosted by her Father William A. White. Portia White's father (William A. White) happened to be the first Black graduate of Acadia University in 1906. After these broadcasts, it was soon very easy to realize that she had an amazing sound (voice). This helped in her receiving a scholarship to the Halifax conservatory of music in 1939.
Historical Signficance
Portia White Broke the colour barrier in canadian classical music. Portia White was also the first Black canadian concert singer to win international acclaim (or prestige). The Peak of Portia's career, was at a highly rated recital in New York in the year 1944. Her career was short, due to the fact that she suffered from vocal difficulties and had to retire. She still returned to the concert stage ocassionally to sing for Queen Elizabeth in Charlottetown, PEI, in the year 1964.
1. Who was Portia White?
2. Who was her father?
3. What did Portia White do?
Biggest obstacles.
Portia's biggest obstacle, would be the period of time when she was suffering from vocal difficulties. She had to retire from public singing, so in 1952 Portia moved to Toronto to teach at a vocal school. Another one of the obstacles she faced was trying to obtain bookings for shows/concerts, because of her race.
Famous Quotations
"Follow your dreams and if they don't turn out right, try again"
"First you dream, then you lace up your boots"
Full name: Portia May White
Date of birth: June 11th 1911
Date of Death: February 13th 1968
Occupation: Singer
The third of thirteen children
Genres: Jazz, Classical, Opera, Gospel
In honor of Portia White, she had a stamp made after her.

The End!
Hope you learned something new about Portia White.
"because like they say, you learn something new everyday!"
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