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An introduction to Moodle

Jon Miles

on 9 August 2017

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Transcript of Moodle

Coherent learning environment

Out of hours support

Greater sharing of knowledge

Increased data on participation

Better feedback
Easy to build

Quick to edit

Simple to navigate
Object Orientated
Built from common elements

Provides a common look and feel

Easy to manage
Courses can be reworked while live

Feedback can be gathered and delivered immediately

Can be tailored to suit instructor, student and
organisational requirements
Activities are derived from student learning

Structured on a linear course but can take an always on methodology

Student focused but teacher led
Self contained learning areas

Social structure to encourage sharing and communication

"Live" system that grows with use
One stop shop

Central store for course material

Accessible anytime anywhere

SME's can maintain control of training materials

Students have access to a wider variety of resources
Cannot replace face to face interaction

Cannot replicate practical tasks

Requires internet access
Developed by Martin Dougiamas in 2002

Intended to work on a Social Constructivist model

71K+ Verified internet instances

93m+ Verified users

299.3m+ Enrolments

10.8m+ Courses
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