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Nucleolus for President

No description

Logan Lang

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Nucleolus for President

Reasons to vote for Nucleolus
Roast: Vacuole and Cell Membrane
Roast: Cytoplasm and cell wall
It makes ribosomes that make protein for the cell
Without the nucleolus, ribosomes wouldn't be made and cells wouldn't be able to grow and survive.
Vacuole: It doesn't need to remove waste because cells already have a lysosomes.

Cell Membrane: Doesn't need to support or protect the cell because cells already have a Cytoplasm.
The Nucleolus is found in the Nucleus (the brain of the cell)
Year 2020
Why the Nucleolus is more important than other (organelles) candidates
Nucleolus for President
Where is it found
A dark central ball In the middle of the nucleolus
Cell Wall: only supports and protects cells, and it is only in the plant cells.

Cytoplasm: Plant cells don't need to be protected because they have a cell wall, and it only carries SOME nutrients.

Roast: Chloroplast and Lysosomes
Chloroplast: is Found only in plant cells and contains green chlorophyll.

Lysosomes: Only works as a trash for the cell. The cell would still function with out breaking down materials.

Roast: Endoplasmic Reticulum and Nuclear Membrane
Endoplasmic Reticulum: doesn't need to transfer proteins because the Golgi Body already takes care of it.

Nuclear Membrane: a nucleus doesn't need a nuclear Membrane because the cell membrane does its job but for the whole cell.
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