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Nolan Creek - Belton Texas

Nolan Creek Presentation

Aaron Harris

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Nolan Creek - Belton Texas

City Park Features along Nolan Creek

Splash Pad at
Harris Community

Pavilion at
Yettie Polk Park

Hike and Bike Trail
Confederate Park Scenic Hike and
Bike Trail

Wildlife watching,
Birding Photography, Hiking, Walking, and Geocaching Nolan Creek Flood Mitigation Project

May 2013 Update This project has two objectives:

Removal of Obstructions to Creek Flow and Flood Mitigation

Safe Water Access for Recreation Nolan Creek's location through Downtown Belton presents opportunities to enhance commercial activities...

restaurants, shopping, kayak and tube rentals Belton hired Recreational Engineering
and Planning, a Boulder Colorado firm,
to analyze and design a project that meets the two objectives. Rec. Engineering & Planning
Example Project

San Marcos, Tx
Rio Vista Park Belton hired Recreational Engineering and Planning, a Boulder Colorado firm, to analyze Nolan Creek and investigate opportunity to enhance water recreation in the City.
Present Conceptual Design Report – July 2010
Present Preliminary Design Report – March 2012
Adopt Preliminary Design Report – April 2012

Enhancing water recreation was the No. 2 ranked item in the recently adopted Parks Master Plan (Hike/Bike Trail extensions was No. 1). Nolan Creek Corridor
recreational Improvement Project Overview Project Map July 4th in Yettie Polk Park

1930's Recreation on Nolan Creek Project Budget

Mobilization $ 20,000
Put-In Trail 9th Street Bridge $ 40,000
Harris Park Area Improvements $ 91,000
Demo low water crossing,
rock placement, bank terracing
Downtown Area Whitewater Park $ 136,550
4 drop structures, bank
terracing, handicap ramp
City Hall Area Improvements $ 120,000
Demo low water crossing,
rock placement, navigation
Re-Vegetation $ 10,000
Professional Services $ 55,600
Design, permitting, construction services
Contingency $ 20,878

DRAFT BUDGET @ BID PRICES $494,028 Funding

Phase 1 - $494,028

Committed Funds:

Texas Parks & Wildlife Grant - $100,000

Private Funds -
HEB $ 50,000
CGI $ 50,000
Other Commitments $ 32,900
Tax Increment $200,000
Reinvestment Zone

Total Commitments: $432,900
Remaining Balance: $ 61,128 Thank You Flood Mitigation
100 Years Ago 2010 Flood Low Water Crossings

Beal Street

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