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Parent Night - Student's Six Word Memoirs

For parent night, students were to create a six word memoir about themselves are something pertaining to their life.

Tracey Woodson

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Parent Night - Student's Six Word Memoirs

Mrs. Woodson's Students
Six Word Memoirs

"Smart, gamer, pet lover, sister, writer. (Alyssa P.)
Shy, Sisterm Directioner, Daring, Cheaky, Sporty (Jaqueline J.)
Sweet. Sister, Smart. Creative. Daughter. Crazy. (Brooklynn B.)
Short. Shy. Mean. Funny. Curly hair (Jayla W.)
Smart. Sister. Aunt. Hopeful. Caring. Loving (Raigan G.)
Funny. Sister. Smart. Athletic. Friendly. (Jasmine J.)
6th Period
I love my life. its Awsome! (Alex O.)
Fun, outgoing, athletic, brother, son, cousin (Santana)
I love volleyball. It's really fun. (Arryani P.)

"My failure leads to my success" (Michael)
"I'm unique enough to be different! (Jacque)
"I like to play video games." (Anthony)
"My role model is my dad" (Oscar)
"I wish I followed Messi's footsteps" (Joseph C.)
Brother, small, fun, awesome, funny (Izaiah M)
Eagles are winners. We don't quit (Jaylon St.J)
Kicked back outgoing funny dangeres, athletic, lazy (Abel G.)
Sometimes you got to accept the fact. (Odalys A)
5th Period
Funny, hyper, lovly, sexy, black, lazy (Chamarlon M.)
I want to be a cricketer (Shobhit M.)
I'm fun, funny, happy, quiet, helping (Kaleb W.)
Pretty, smart, confident, brave, intelligent, happy (Omega P.)
Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally (Samuel A.)
Your never to young for love (Alex R.)
Comedian, awsome, wild, nice, athletic, happy (Isaiah W.)
I really love snickers candy bars (Jared T.)
Funny, silly, awesome, smart, pretty, kind (shana B)

4th Period
Fun, enjoyable, brave, daredevil, funny (Gage G.)
Funny, entergetic, constantly happy, injoable, entertainng, brave (Miguel S.)
funny, energetic, those words describe me. (Angie G.
I don't want him to go. (Gabriella H.)
Amazing, fun, cool, nice, funny, smart (Austyn B.)
Twin size 8 shose like games (Adrian M.)
Good funny smart happy peraltty, over joed (Kasandra C.
Fun, smart, funny, energetic, thats me (Luis)
Funny, smart, athletic, rapper, thoughtful, talented (Julian L.)
I like football and basketball (Marquise D.)
Funny, chill, energetic, nice, and smart (Jennifer C.)
game, tv, fun, smart, brave (Jesus T.)
Volleyball, track, smart, strong, pretty, me (Jade F.)
Good, funny, awesome, smart, loud, athletic (Juan M.)
Smart, fun, quiet that is me (Joel R.)
Weird, funny, crazy, nice, that's me. (Andrea C.)
What goes up must come down (Sergio M.)
Strong, brave, pretty, loving, fast, athletic, encouraging (Kay-Leigh B.)
Funny, silly, awesome, smart, pretty, kind (Shana B.)
3rd Period
Atheletic, kind, funny, weird, smart (Maxine C.
Loving, caring, cheer, volyball ,good memory, helpful (Danielle B.)
Be your own original model. (Elena G.)
Life is a joyride ....Embrace it! (Dallas W.)"What's life?" I'm still finding out! (Jivonney R.)
I love life but it's hard. (Nayeli G. )

Live love soccer forever that's me (MacKenzie J.)
If you fall get backup (Chayse T.)
We all express our feelings diffrently (Citlali L.)
When wanting to quit, just try (Celia F.)
Life is boring, but fun (Emily A.)
I trudge through life's deep waters (Katelan M.)
Organization is helpful for 7th grade (Alma M.)
Live happy don't hold a grudy (Unknown)
Life's short, so enjoy little things (Isabella G. )
Hard work, good life, happy family (Calen B.)
Life is to short for regrets (Alexis W.)
Always live life to the fullest (Hannah H.)
Life is to short to hesitate (Kaylee C.)
Mess up, just keep moving foward! ( Zhabian G.)

I live life to the fullest (Maeva F.)
Football is fun. Cool and exciting (Adiran H.)
Just like baseball, you move on (Fidencio C.)
Life has surprises, just find them. (Jailene C.)
Life's hard, learn from your mistakes (Kelsey B.)
Family, friends, and dancing is life. (Anjali P.)
My life is everything to me. (Daniela P.)
Fun, enjoyable, brave, daredevil, funny (Gage G.)

Welcome HJS Parents to Open House!
6:30pm to 7:30pm

7th Period
Cool. Fun. Oldest Son. Smart. Hilarious (Tommy G.)
Happy, only child, smart, funny. corageous (Lesley M.)
Son hungry bored lazy gamer playful (Vince U)
Crazy. Daughter, Sister. Active. Funny. Quiet (Haleigh M.)
Tired. Carazy. Funny. Werid. Son. Athletic (Dawson)
Tired lazy talented son singel brave (Garrett D.
Life is fun school is boring (Terran A.)
Life goes fast, so enjoy it. (Joshua G.)
7th period
son, tired, awesome cool quick hardworking (Kabir)
Funny, athletic, creative, sister, smart, friendly (Mariah V)
Weird, crazy, fun, cool, awesom, daughter (Melissa V.)
Anthony, Texans fan and have siblings (Anthony B.)
Tired. Daughter. Funny. Courages, Smart, Caring (Inecia A.)
Crazy. Brave. smart. hopefull, careing (Elizabeth R.)
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