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Classroom Dojo

No description

Megan Schroeder

on 7 March 2015

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Transcript of Classroom Dojo

"Any situation that requires me to "pick" a student is reason to use the random feature. Even running an errand to the office is reason enough to use the random feature. It keeps the process of picking someone completely unbiased. And it is so much fun to watch the kids hoping it is them — almost like a game show!" - Angela K.
"Messaging is effective in sending quick messages to parents throughout the day. Some students even pose for pictures to be sent to parents. Love that feature!
We use Messaging to inform parents about concerns and celebrations, both! Parents have commented on how they love receiving periodic messages about their children." - Matt R.
Award Multiple Students
"I definitely use the reward all (or multiple students) button quite often. I use this to award attendance points when they arrive to school on time, and when the class is having a great day!" - Tamara R.
"Any situation that requires me to "pick" a student is reason to use the random feature. Even running an errand to the office is reason enough to use the random feature. It keeps the process of picking someone completely unbiased. And it is so much fun to watch the kids hoping it is them — almost like a game show!" - Angela K.
ClassDoJo is an online application that allows teachers to communicate with their students parents on a daily basis. The teacher can inform parents of their child's progress and behavior, while making the parent feel at ease.
Classroom Dojo

The Study of How
Individuals Learn & Construct Knowledge
Within Class DOJO

First by reflecting on how they did during their week in school, using the Apps built in behavior monitor, the child can see what he/she did wrong and/or right based on their teachers submissions.

Then, by doing this they will be able to incorporate better behavior in the future from learning what their teacher expects and considers to be good or bad.
The ability to understand that knowledge exists outside of the learner, and is constantly changing.

For adults this can mean finding and receiving information from across a variety of technologically based entities, and learning from this new information.

Whereas for children, the concept is similar but in a condensed simple format that is designed specifically for the younger generation.

Within Class Dojo
This theory is practically the entire basis for our choice of the Class Dojo app. It is a technological entity with updated new information

The Meaning Of This For Users:
Parents - They will receive the information that is critical to knowing what and how their child is doing in school on weekly or daily basis.
Children- They can see and easily understand how they are doing almost instantly which is critical to them understanding their behavior.

Parents can instantly and easily see a report of their child's behavior that is always updated without the hassle of setting an appointment for a parent-teacher conference, or even having to pick up the phone.
And children can be involved in the learning process in a timely and fun way to help them see the outcome of all their actions, and learn from them.
Lower Income Schools and Families
As with all online programs, ClassDojo can have its downsides. One of these is the possibility that not every student and/or parent is going to have full access to the application. Some lower income families and schools may not have the necessary technology to use Class DoJo in an effective way.
Being Able to Review
Parental Insight
ClassDojo is a great tool to allow parents to check in on their children. It gives them an easy and fast way to communicate with their child's teacher about problems, concerns or just quick check ins throughout the day . It also allows the parent to know almost immediately of any positive or negative points the student receives throughout the day.

Multiple Features
ClassDojo has many different tools and features that can be very useful in the classroom. ClassDoJo makes taking attendance, picking random students, communicating with parents, and giving awards easier. ClassDojo is a fun, easy and great tool for all teachers.
1. Be involved in your child's education anytime and anywhere.
2. See classroom moments with pictures of your child.
3. Instantly communicate with your child's teacher.
4. Celebrate the good things, and help your child see their progress and strengths at home.
1. See yours strengths, and progress.
2. Celebrate your achievements with your parents or guardians.
3. Create and customize your own avatar.
4. Be recognized for all you do, and motivate others to succeed too!
1. Encourage students by giving feedback instantly.
2. Recognize any skill or strength in your classroom.
3. Encourage parents to easily communicate using ClassDoJo messaging.
4. Allow students to reflect on their own progress in a fun and simple way.
Children will use their previous experiences as references to learn
new information.
Using this theory, children will have the opportunity to learn from the their mistakes & their parents can view this change while
also knowing what is their child is working on.
Random Selection
A feature called "Random" is a tool used to pick children to answer a question, help with a task, etc. This feature helps the teacher pick a different student every time, while allowing them to be unbiased in their selection. For example the teacher no longer has to keep track of last weeks door holder because ClassDoJo does that for them. This tool is awesome because it allows each child to get a turn at whatever it may be, while making the teachers life a little easier!
Award points can be used when students arrive on time, complete assignments, and when the class as a whole is having a great day. This tool is effective because it gets rid of marbles in a jar or paper money that can lost or taken. The children can also interact and be a part of their reward system.
This timer is not like a wall clock. A clock on the wall is very intimidating and scary. ClassDoJo's clock is surrounded by the children's avatars which makes it less "harsh". To also make learning fun; allow the students to start, stop, and reset the clock using a smart board. For older kids this is a great tool to keep them attentive
and active!
The commenting feature allows the teacher and parent to comment on the students classroom reports. This makes it easy for the parent to get involved and ask the teacher questions.
Part of what makes ClassDojo work is the cooperation from both parents and teachers. Sometimes parents will not use the applications that the teacher wishes to incorporate in their classroom. If the parents do not get involved then not all of the features will be used and Class Dojo will not be as effective.
This feature is used to communicate with the parent right then and there. It allows the teacher to send the parent updates and pictures fast and easy.
The Biggest Disadvantage
One thing that is always a benefit with ClassDoJo is being able to go back and review a child's behavioral progress in a class and going over that with parents. You no longer need to guess; you have the child's behavior right at your finger tips allowing you to see the students growth over the year.

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