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Guitar notes by: Mary Amato

No description

Maggie Fox

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Guitar notes by: Mary Amato

Lyla and Tripp have to share room B . Tripp has odd days and Lyla has even days.
When Lyla leaves a note for Tripp stating that he should pick up his garbage next time to keep the room tidy, they leave each other a series of notes that go back and forth, titled Mr. Odd for Tripp and Ms. Even for Lyla.
Before they know it their notes blossom into a friendship and things begin to change.
The story
On September 2nd, Tripps mom takes away his gutair. Lyla is nervous about an upcoming audition for the school concert. When the sign up sheet for the music concert comes up, both Lyla and Tripp sign up.
Realistic fiction: stories that could happen in real life, but it hasn't. I like this genre because it gives you room to think and connect with the people in the story and because it actually hasn't happened yet you could put yourself into their shoes.
Main theme
The main theme of this book was to never give up on life even if your injured or can't do something just don't ever give up. Push hard and do what you love.
Rating of the book
I really loved this book, it was about friendship and how to get throughout tough situations. One of the main reasons why I liked it was because it was just like the movie and book if I stay and I really enjoyed reading that book.
Tripp Brody: a guitarist, a pretty good one. He believes in "thrumming" . Thrumming is when the music makes your soul vibrate to the tune of the song almost as if you are the music and the music is you.

Lyla marks: To Tripp, Lyla is just trying to become the most perfect person in the world and she's already a straight A student and an award winning cellist.

Guitar notes by: Mary Amato
Guitar notes is a really good book for people who love music. It is a book about friendship and love. The age group would range from 6 graders to 9th or 8th graders.
Setting and Main Conflict
Setting is takes place in: Washington D.C, Rock land high school, Tripp's house and Lyla's house.
The conflict is that Tripp and Lyla start to become friends. At the same time, Tripp's mom has taken his guitar away. Then Lyla starts to lose interest in the cello and more into the guitar. Another one is once Lyla and her dad get in a car accident will she survive?
Text to Self connection: Just like Tripp's mom takes away his guitar. My mom sometimes takes my phone away.
Text to Text: It kind of reminds we of the book star girl because of the way that Tripp and Lyla are best friends just like star girl and her neighbor where best friends. It also remind me of the book If I stay for the same reason.
The two unlikely friends create a website and tripps mom find out that tripp is playing the guitar and he gets his guitair privileges taken away and then lyla sneaks the guitar and they play together in their neighbors tree house. "The Pomegranate waltz" attracts the attention of Ruby darling, who wants them (The thrum society) to play for their wedding.
They do amzing, while there about to leave lylas dad catches her and isn happy. While driving home he swerves the car trying to avoid the deer that leaped in frond of the road and they crash into a tree. lyla and her father badly wounded. Will they be ok???
Thank you!!!!
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