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Zaxby's Founded by Zach McLeroy and Toney Townley

No description

Ashlyn Moody

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Zaxby's Founded by Zach McLeroy and Toney Townley

Founded by Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley
By: Ashlyn Moody
History of Zaxby's
Initial investment
The initial investment is the amount money it takes to start a company. In Zaxby's case, the initial investment to open a new restaurant is somewhere between $230,500 - $511,400.
Current Facts
To this day Zaxby's has over 395 locations. Its famous for its real chicken witch is also its slogan "real chicken." Zaxby's is considered one of the fastest growing fast food franchises in the world.
Interesting facts

One intresting fact about Zaxby's is that fact that they use Coca-Cola products over Pepsi products. Interestingly enough, the idea of naming the restaurant Zaxby's came to the two boys on the middle of a basketball court. Finally, every restraunt can seat 50 - 90 people at one time.
Products and Services Offered
Tony Townley and Zach McLeroy are tho founders of the restaurant Zaxby's. The two creative and intelligent men have been buddies since birth. When they were little they could only find ok chicken that they quote "wasn't zesty enough." Sooner than later they grew up and started there own company that is known for there "zesty" chicken flavor. Tony runs the part of the company where he is responsible for the health. Zach is the stock holder for over 70 of there restaurants.
Zaxby's is a restaurant that is now on every corner. This popular restaurant serves mainly chicken in all different ways. Some of the varieties include salads, chicken fingers, wings, and more. Zaxby's is not only known for its chicken but also for its famous Zack's sauce which is a tangy sauce they created.
Statesboro Georgia is the birthplace of Zaxby's. It started in one restaurant and soon they opened four more in 1994. The restaurant became so popular that it the owners decided to franchise. Now there are stores in more than ten states and they are growing larger every day.
Zaxby's opened their first store in 1990. The restaurant has become so popular that they have now grown to more than 395 locations.
The two men who were the founders of Zaxby's started this business because when they looked around they always felt something was missing. Because of this feeling they decided to fill the emptiness with a fast food resturant that serves REAL chicken.
Zaxby's offers a variety of meals mainly focused on chicken. Some of the most popular meals are the Chicken Finger Plate, Zalads, and the Big Zack Meal.
Zaxby,s headquarters are now located in Athens, Georgia.
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