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Slideshare Prezi

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Christina Wilson

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Slideshare Prezi

Bryce Williams
Taylor Thurman
Megan Patton
Christina Wilson Slideshare Simplistic and Informative:
Slideshare Four Uses of Slideshare:

1. Repurpose Your Content

2. Grow Thought Leadership

3. Build Your Knowledge – and Your Team’s Knowledge

4. Create Webinars The Use of Slideshare How to upload a powerpoint to Slideshare

Search within Slideshare to gain knowledge Utilizing Slideshare http://www.sba.gov/community/blogs/slideshare-4-ways-use-it

http://www.slideshare.net/insideview/how-to-use-slideshare-for-business References Sharing your business methods and learning new methods
Generating brand awareness
Making your resume creative and viral
Finding new information & better business techniques
Rank higher on Google
Grow your followers
Get email subscribers Impact of Slideshare To start a Slideshare: Visit the website and start up a free account.

To work Slideshare: Upload any powerpoint, prezi or slide-maker to Slideshare to be seen by millions of people.

Where can it be used: Slideshare can be used from any location. It's easy access allows for anyone to access their slides from any location. How Slideshare Works Facts of Slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/ • Launched on October 4, 2006

• Web 2.0 based slide hosting service

• Very easily accessible • Users are able to upload files privately
and publicly in the following formats:

1. PowerPoint
2. PDF
3. Keynote
4. OpenOffice Facts of Slideshare cont. •55 current employees working

•60 million visitors a month

•16 million registered users

•Key investors in the technology:
-David Siminoff
-Dev Khare CEO Rashmi Sinha--Top 10 Women Influencers in Web 2.0
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