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Decameron: The Eighth Story of the Fifth Day

No description

Darius Grissom-Williams

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Decameron: The Eighth Story of the Fifth Day

The Eighth Story of the Fifth Day Decameron Nastagio degli's
father and uncle dies,
leaving him rich
beyond all estimation. . . Falls in love with the daughter of Messer Paolo Traversari, who is from a much wealthier family. . . She turned him down because
she was in a sense "better than him"
and she knew this to be a fact. Nastagio considers suicide, and his family and friends make him go to Chiassi. . .a place miles away from the city where he encamps. Nastagio then invites his kinfolk
and the lady he loves to a banquet at
this same place, so the ghost
woman is torn to pieces before
the eyes of his beloved, who, fearing a similar fate,
accepts Nastagio as her husband He sees a naked damsel being chased through the forest, then having dogs set onto her by a knight in sad-colored armour.

...this happens every Friday. He finds out that the cursed knight was in a similar situation to his own, committed suicide, and the woman died afterwards... unrepentant for her role in his death. The End.
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