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Health and Medicine in the Elizabethan Era

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Caroline McLeod

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Health and Medicine in the Elizabethan Era

by Caroline McLeod, Angel Pansini, Kendra George, Mikayla Woods, Melissa DiPonio Elizabethan Medicine What are 3 common Diseases? 1. The Black Plague ("Elizabethan Medicine and Illnesses")
-also called the Bubonic Plague
- killed 1/3 of the population
- carried by fleas and rats
- quarantine ("Bubonic/Black Plague") Lifespan of an Individual Adult's lifespan was 30-40 years ("SommerVille"). 2. Smallpox ("Shakespeare Online") 3. Tuberculosis ("Illnesses and ailments") What are 3 common medicines and their uses? ("Herbal Medicine in Shakespeare's England") Herbs such as rose, lavender, sage, and bay were used on head Pains ("Herbal Medicine in Shakespeare's England") Wounds were treated with vinegar ("Herbal Medicine in Shakespeare's England") -Most children died before the age of 15
("Sommerville"). Educational Requirements of Doctors ("Elizabethan Doctors and Medicine") -work was based on philosophies of Aristotle and Hippocrates
-would go to College of Physicians
-superstition came into play, mostly just guesses
-leeches and laxatives were believed to be used
-many things were not treated as they are today -one of worst outbreaks
-high fever, vomiting, excesses bleeding, puss filled scabs that leave scars -transmitted through contact in close quarters
-one cure was to take various meat and squeeze their juices together with orange juice Stomach Pains were treated with wormwood, mint, and balm Mortality Rate -infants/children
-very high Social Standings ("Elizabethan Doctors and Medicine") -Physicians
-The Church
-Wise Women
-Housewives Works Cited
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