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7.06 Genocide


Laura Reny

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of 7.06 Genocide

This is a photo of the fatalities of the concentration camps. This is how the Nazi disposed of the jews after they were put in the gas chambers. They were all put into one big hole and buried together.
This is a photo of what happened on the "Night of Broken Glass", also know as Kristallnacht. The Nazis began to physically dismantle businesses and synagogues throughout Germany. They attacked Jewish people in their homes and sent about 30,000 Jews to Contration Camps.
This is a photo of jewelry, hair, etc left over from all the people who were put in the concentration camps. After everybody was in the chambers, this is what was left over.
This is a photo of some of the prisoners during the holocaust at the concentration camps. You can see here that many people were suffering from starvation and disease.
During the Holocaust, over 11 million people were killed. We know for sure that 6 million of them were Jews. Hitler's goal was to have a 100% German empire. He believed that Jews were the reasoning behind all the problems. Therefore, the Nazi's were formed and they did many things to rid the German population of Jews entirely. They went to extreme measures, such as developing death camps where they killed the Jews with gas. Also, the Nazi's decided on what was called the Final Solution, which was the call to kill every Jew left in German territory.
Affects of the Holocaust
This is a photo of all the Jews who are being crammed into the death camps. This all happened during what is known as the Final Solution, a policy known to murder every Jew in German-occupied territories.
Call to Action
Many Genocides are still happening in the world today. We need to come up with a worldwide treaty to have everyone under the same understanding that no one will participate in a Genocide. It's inh
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