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2017 iPad Program @ M.G.S.C.

No description

Jonathan Hall

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of 2017 iPad Program @ M.G.S.C.

Curriculum and Communication
Why 1:1?
Why iPads?
Anywhere, anytime learning
Individualised learning and assessment
Immediate access to resources
Student engagement
Access to learning communities - at school and beyond
"Research indicates that
tablets foster key 21st Century
Skills in students, including creativity, innovation, communication, and collaboration".
2012 Horizon Report K-12
Digital Bookshelf
Social Media !@#*
Which iPad Model?
Parent choice.....
9.7" screen, not iPad Mini
If purchasing - iPad Air 2 (32GB) recommended
Existing - iPad Air & 4th Gen - can still be used
Older iPads - no longer ideal
32Gb is sufficient for school
Keyboards are a useful addition.
iPad Care & Security
A strong case is essential
Satchel to use around school
AppleCare+ should be considered
Keep in lockers during breaks
Locker codes should not be shared
Re-charging at home

MGSC Year 7-8 iPad Program since 2014
Common in primary schools & at home
Intuitive and engaging
Educational apps
Quick start up
Easy to connect to the school network
Interactive - resources, peers and teachers
Personal Learning Program
Health Ed.
Student Welfare
Resources for Parents!
Most popular social media sites & apps?
House Rules!
Establish online / iPad time
Discuss online activities
Remove Internet access if necessary!
Strong and clear boundaries are essential
"....students develop ICT capability as they learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately to access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively in all learning areas at school, and in their lives beyond school."
Australian Curriculum
"..... in a digital age, and with rapid and continuing changes in the ways that people share, use, develop and communicate with ICT, young people need to be highly skilled in its use."
The Melbourne Declaration on the Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA 2008)
Why 1:1 iPads
What are the iPads used for?
Which iPad does my daughter need?
iPad care and security
iTunes and the MGSC Apps List
Acceptable Use Policy and Internet access
Social media.......
Tips for parents
Name these sites...............
What are the minimum ages for these accounts?

How do you manage your daughter's use of social media?
What about these two?
Submission of Tasks
MGSC eMail
Student and Parent Portal
Student Timetables
Daily Bulletins
Booklisted Online Resources
Purchase information will be in the Passport Pack
Further information
Classroom Communication
Early November
Passport Packs, including:
iPad information & apps list
booklists - physical and online texts

Orientation Day
Students receive @mgsc eMail address
After Orientation Day
Purchase online texts and resources using @mgsc eMail address

January (Day 1 at school)
Students receive:
Password for @mgsc Google Apps account (eMail, Drive, etc)
Username and passwords for:
JacPlus (Digital Textbooks)
Education Perfect (Language and Maths)
Compass (Timetables, Bulletins, Attendance)
Parent Teacher Bookings
Academic Reports
Family Details
No closed doors - no hiding
Technology in family areas only
Alarm clocks !
Learn with your daughter
Know what your daughter has on her iPad
- Social media apps?
- No Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
If Purchasing a New iPad........
Possible Options

Apple "Family Funded" Program
Apple Stores - Discount for MGSC families for iPads, MacBooks, accessories, etc.
Online - use the
Apple Family Funded
link on the MGSC website

Check prices at major resellers and compare with Apple.
Apple will price match. Officeworks will beat other prices.

Interest free options are sometimes available from Apple.

Apple Store also has excellent post purchase service.
Education Perfect
MGSC Apps List
Apps list will be in the Passport Pack
All essential apps are free
Information will be provided:
- Passport Packs
- Orientation Day

Information is also available on the College website.
Jonathan Hall
Director of eLearning

9581 5238
Family Sharing
Parent Approval of Apps
Case with protective corners (bumpers)
Yes, this can happen!
The App Store
Parents should own the account.
Your daughter does not require the password.
Use iTunes Voucher rather than your credit card!
Expectations around your daughter's use of the iTunes account.

Consider using Family Sharing
- Parent is in control
- Child makes requests for apps.......
......including any social media apps !
- Child accounts - under 13 years old
- Other useful features
* share calendars
* share photos
* find my iDevice
Digital Citizenship and School Rules!
Creating and Sharing
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