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Future plans and finished future actions

No description

Rocio Mejia

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Future plans and finished future actions

Luis Said Martinez Cruz
Ana Linda Andrade Chávez
Gustavo Hiekiyoshi
Rocio Mejía Fuentes Future plans and finished future actions To Express general future plans: *Expect

Marco expects to visit Paris next year
My mother plans to write a book about cooking. The Perfect form of an Infinitive * Use the perfect form of an infinitive to express that an action will or might take place before a specified time in the future.


By 2020, Ismael plans ( to have) a child.
By this time next year, Graziela hopes (to buy) a new car. Finished Future Actions Future Perfect: Will + have + Past Participle
*Use the Future Perfect to indicate an action that will be completed by a specified time in the future.

For example:
*By next year, I will have completed my studies, but I won’t have gotten married
*How much will you have saved by next month?
*By the end of the month, Marina will have written 5 paragrahs. *Exercises
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