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Kazakh Theatre

No description

Akerke Mukhamediyar

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Kazakh Theatre

The theater is rightly called as the
cradle of Kazakh professional art
. It officially opened in Kyzyl-Orda, on January the 13th, 1926 with the performance of tragedy of M. Auezov "Enlik-Kebek".
In 1937 the theatre appropriated the status of "academic". In 1946 the theatre was awarded with the "Red Banner of Labor". After 15 years, it was named after the great writer-playwright Mukhtar Auezov. Later in 1976, another award which is the Order of "Friendship of the nations" was given.
The theatre has moved to new building, the authors of the project - architects: Baymurzaev, Kaynarbaev, Zhaksalykov; engineers: Plakhotnikov, Brohovich; artists: Nimetc, Zavizionnyi. Same year, the theatre was inscribed in the register as the architectural monument.
A monument of M.O. Auezov was built at Theater Square in 1980. The sculptor is Sergebaev.
Renowned Artists of the Theatre
Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre
named after M.O. Auezov
The plays are performed in Kazakh language with synchronized translation, if there is a need for one.
Kazakh Theatre
In 1929 the theater moved to the new capital of the republic - Almaty. It was housed in a former cinema "Orion" (now Konaev Str.) and Sovietskaya Str. (now Kazybek bi Str.).
Kulyash Baiseitova (years of work: 1930 - 1933)
Shaken Aimanov (1933 - 1947)
Khadisha Bukeeva (1942 - 1972)
Idris Nogaibayev (1957 -1989)
Farida Sharipova (1959 - 1996)
Asanali Ashimov (1963 - present)
Second World War Period
In 1941 - 1945, most of the performances were related to the war.

These include:
"В Час Испытаний"
(eng. "In the Hour of Trial") by Auezov,
"Гвардия чести"
(eng. "Troops of Honour") by Auezov and Abishev, and not to forget
"The Taming of the Shrew"
by Shakespeare.
Creators of the theatre's first repertoire were popular Kazakh writers Saken Seifullin, Beimbet Mailin, and Mukhtar Auezov.
Ismagulova Sabina,
Smagulov Tamyrlan,
Saduakas Meirzhan,
Baltabek Amirsultan, Mukhamediyarova Akerke.
Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre
named after M.O. Auezov
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