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No description

Kimberly Gayle

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Welcome

About ECDI
Founded in 2004, ECDI is a non-profit community development organization and the 3rd largest U.S. Small Business Administration Microlender in the US.

Since 2004:
$ disbursed $33,169,060
# of loans disbursed 1,604
Jobs created 3,468
Jobs retained 2,798
Individuals assisted 8,560

Business Mentoring
Business Plan Review
Loan packaging assistance
Business Concept Development
Post Technical Assistance
Coaching You to Success
Required Class for Start-Ups seeking capital
Small Enterprise Education Development (S.E.E.D) is designed for entrepreneurs ready to enhance their business idea or expand their existing small enterprise into a profitable and sustainable business.
Fee $150.00
Meet our President & Founder/CEO
Workshops and Seminars

Marketing, QuickBooks, Legal Clinics, Entrepreneurial Readiness, Food Safety, Growth Strategies, Financial Management, Human Resources, Retail Incubation Supporting Entrepreneurs (RISE), Mobile Food Truck 101, Women and Minority Business Certification
Business Information Seminar
Certified GrowthWheel Advisors on Staff to Help
A general business incubator and accelerator equipped with collaborative office space and full office amenities needed to operate a business-printing/copying, Wi-Fi, office supplies, and meeting rooms. Members will have low cost office space, and on-site training and specialty workshops.
Need Funding for Your Business?
We fund small businesses who need capital for inventory, equipment, and working capital
Up to $75,000 for start-ups
Up to $350,000 for existing small businesses
Maximum loan term is 5 years (60 months)
Fixed interest rate: 7.25%-12.25%
Cash injection requirement (10%-30%)
Closing fees range 1-5% of the loan amount
No prepayment penalty
Good credit score
Business Acumen
Personal Guarantee
Must show ability to repay

Loan Application Process
Loan processing fee $25.00
Attend required training (SEED for start-ups)
Complete loan application
Turn in required documents (business plan, tax forms, insurance verification, etc.)
Loan review could take up to 8 weeks
If approved

You will receive a commitment letter with terms and stipulations
Loan will fund within three weeks
Commit to post loan training
If not approved
You will receive list of items and explanation of denial
Meet with your relationship manager to create an action plan
The Ultimate Goal....
A special place for our food entrepreneurs...
Fully Licensed Commercial Kitchen & Bakery
Food Truck and Cart Commissary
Food Cart Rental Options
Food Service Consulting and Training
Three Rental Kitchens Available by the Hour
(Large, Small, and Bakery)
Food Truck Membership
Gold Member
: Truck parking, 24/7 access, marketing, event placement, social media, volume discount
Bronze Member
: Marketing, event placement, social media, value discounts
The Women's Business Center of Ohio
What the Business Innovation Services offers...
Collaborative office space
Women's Business Center
Resource Library
Computer Lab
Printing & Notary Services
Business Coaching & Mentoring
One-on-one business counseling
Training programs and workshops
Networking events
Professional Advisors
Fee $80.00, annually
Next Steps...
1. Complete General Survey

2. Complete WBC Application for Innovation Services

3. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our main office at (614) 559-0115. Our office is open from 8:30 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday
Steve Fireman and Inna Kinney

Business Innovation Services
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