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Developmental Delays

penis bopper and his travels through space and time

Sean McEvoy

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Developmental Delays

Symptoms and Characteristics
Talking late or having trouble with talking
Slow to master/learn things
Difficulty remembering things
Lack of conscience and unable to think of consequences
Explosive tantrums
Difficulty with logic



Causes of Developmental Delays
There is a numerous amount of causes
In most cases the cause is unknown
It can be inherited from your biological parents
Some environmental influences
Like accidents that occur, toxins, illness, injury, or just being raised in poor conditions
There is also physical and biological causes
Infections, lead poisoning, or head injury's are also causes
During pregnancy delays can occur
If on drugs or alcohol or smoking during pregnancy
Problems during child birth can occur like oxygen deprivation
Intellectual disabilities affect everyday life depending on how severe and what kind of intellectual disabilities you have. If you pass driving classes you can get your license regardless of what developmental disability you have. These disabilities can limit people on human interaction, autism, not by a set of rules but because of the disease itself. Some people with developmental delays are separated in to different classes because of their delay.
Treatment: 1900's-1950's
People with developmental delays were treated as animals during the beginning of the twentieth century. They were put in homes and were not cared for at all. The Nazis made propaganda against them and later there was “Mercy killing” which allowed doctors and other medicinal leaders to end the lives of at least 70,000 people.
Effects on Everyday Life
Does not make eye contact
Difficulty performing everyday tasks
Often do not form relationships with others their own age
May not respond to own name
Has stiff arms and/or legs
I don't understand why this title is in rainbow like this is some sad stuff, really. -Gabe
Normal Brain at 6 months
Fetal Alchohol syndrome brain at 6 months
You forgot to log out
-Zach McLane
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