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An interactive version of my professional path, hope you like it!

Susana Cabaço

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Resumé/CV

Susana Cabaço's
Resumé ... And these are my children This is me... Before and After quitting the Glasses This is my country This is the World And the projects/places I worked for and been to 2001 2006 2002 July March Got my... 1st Job?
The one I was trained for in University :) This is what was waiting for me:

1 Month Internship at
6 Months to do my final project And then... Who knows? I did it! I am officially a
Computer Science and Software Engineer Education: MsC in Computer Science
with the "Video Zapper"
Audiovisual content processing
Content Personalization
Case Study: TV Newscasts Personal Development Plan Part 1 - by Accenture Academy

Team building
Communicatoin skills
E-Commerce bootcamp project 2008 Building Java Enterprise Applications
with Design Patterns
Java Enterprise Edition 5:
Integrating JSF, EJB3 and JPA 2009 PMP Preparation Crash Course

PMP Certification 2011 ... Advanced Scrum Master Training

Scrum Product Owner
Leading Lean Product Development

Up your Service Somewhere around here I thought I might want to keep my PMI Certification...

So I earned my PDUs just in case. Used Work Experience and Attended: Webinars Other Training Sessions Communications Planning
Closing Projects
Change Management for Projects
Taking Control of Existing Projects
Portfolio Management for Initiatives

Building Relationships
Dealing with Difficult People
Project Management from a People Perspective 5 Things You Must Know About Requirements Planning
Harmonizing Agility and Discipline
Optimizing Requirements Discovery
9 Tips to Make Every Meeting Effective

Increase Your Project Success:
What Project Teams Should be Doing Now!
De-Mystifying the WBS
Critical Path Management Overview

7 Secrets to Defining Requirements for
Package Software Selection Going deeper with Agile/Scrum and Lean: Need new ways of sharing Knowledge! Webinars An Introduction to Kanban for your Team and Organization
Lean and Agile Software Development - Where to Start
Agile Methods? Top Traps for Development Teams to Avoid
Sustainable Software Development, part I. - Scrum Basics
Essential Skills for the Agile Developer
Version Control & Change Management for CI
TDD: An Early Lean-Agile Adoption Practice Actively Co-Organizing and Participating in the Bathtub Conferences 2001 - 2003
Consultant, Web Developer, Analyst SIIFSE - PRODEP
PSP (Polícia de Segurança Pública) - Robery Occurence Handling and Registry 2001 - 2003
Consultant, Web Developer, Analyst E-commerce web application development internal project using internal frameworks and diverse technology 2003 - 2006 Teacher (computer science)
Tech Training Planner and Organizer 2011
Startups Program (M2M):
Container Tracking over Sea
Vending Machines Solution 2009
Product Customization for Charge@Once Solutions Project Manager / Team Manager
APAC Sub-Region 2005 Object Oriented Programming for Computer Science
and Electronics University Courses 2006 - 2009
Home Entertainment (HE) Solutions Middleware Dev. Developer
Feature Coordinator
Team Leader (tech lead)
Line Manager 2009 - 2011 (Present Day)
BSO OSS Product Customization (Global Services) Verification Engineer
Operational Developer
Product Owner Volunteer Teacher Developer
Scrum Master Did I Mention I Co-Founded a Company? Actually .... Two! And Neuropsi
Technology for the Brain :) 2008 was the big year What Else Am I Doing? Helped Translating the Scrum Guide to Portuguese
Became co-founder of the Lean Minds group (Linkedin)
Started curating an online magazine http://www.scoop.it/t/innovatus What do I Enjoy? Getting out
of the so called "Comfort Zone" Taking a hike Travelling the World Trying to reach the North Pole
(its OK to be 4th) Taking a chopper over the Grand Canyon... Sky Dive Practicing Krav Maga
Roller Blading
Scuba Diving
Socializing (also in the web)
Blogging, tweeting
Reading a good book
Listen to some good musing
Cook and eat all kinds of (edible) stuff
Drinking (is beer my favorite? hum...)

... Oh, yeah, I love photography
(just in case you didn't notice) :) ...and trekking in it's trails What Else? What am I skilled at? I can read,
I can write,
I can speak...
In two to four languages:
English (even got a CAE)
(I'm not as good at French and Spanish) Resilient
Creative problem solver
Agile/Scrum and Lean practices believer and adopter
Not fundamentalist
Very fond of continuous improvement
Goal / result oriented and self-oriented/managed
A fast learner
Eager to learn and share more
A team player
An open communicator
Keeper of all things up to date, clean and organized
Someone who loves to feel fit in, useful and see the results of what she puts herself into
Hater of politics and gossip, don't do it and prefer to praise for transparency
Culturally sensitive and aware
People who work with me say I'm a leader and have a good sense of humour

Sometimes I am stubburn, pessimistic and a bit insecure. At least that is what I think, others seem to have a different opinion :) Giving it some thought, I am: Verbalizing: Have been driving (internationally) since 1995 without accidents or even tickets Technologically: Java (SE and EE)
C and C++
XML, XSchema, XSL...
Adobe Flex
VB and VBScript

I did touch a bit of Python, Perl and even linux/unix shellscripting Languages I can "speak": Google Maps
Nokia Maps
Sencha ExtJS
XML Beans
Apache CXF Frameworks/APIs/Libs I can work with Other Tools I used (or still do) Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans, WSAD
Visual Studio
CouchDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, SQLServer 2000
Tomcat, Orion, JBoss, MS IIS, Apache HTTP Server
Perforce, CVS, Subversion, Clear Case, Visual Source Safe, Git/GitHub
JProfiler, JConsole, Apache JMeter
Hudson (currently Jenkins)
Atlassian Suite (mostly JIRA and Confluence)
HP Quality Center Multimedia content processing
Developing for the Web
User Experience
User Interfaces
Usability What Interests me Most In Essence:
I like to be there for the end user! How to contact me? LinkedIn: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/scabaco
E-Mail: pintolaranja@gmail.com
Skype: susana.m.cabaco
Twitter: @pintolaranja Hibernate
DirectShow The e-mail address above will be forwarded to the real one
I won't give some data publicly (like phone Nr or home address), so please drop me a message via one of these contacts and I'll get back to you Important Note: ->This is where it all started!
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