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Gender Stereotyping and Media Images

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Livie Connelly

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Gender Stereotyping and Media Images

Gender Stereotyping and Media Images
Media images and gender stereotyping in our society promote teenage insecurities. In the novel "Painting the Black" by Carl Deuker , the character Josh seems to struggle with treating girls as equals. In ads in today's culture, we don't see men being dominated or being hit, as one ad has a woman being hit in the head and neck with fruits and she appears to be enjoying it, Rob Roberts says in The Daily News. A personal experience I have with this subject is I was at my friends house and his mum told him to sweep and he replied"But that's a woman's job." Gender stereotyping and media images are definitely an issue in today's culture, especially when people are thinking this is a joke.
In the novel "Painting the Black"
the character Josh that I mentioned earliertearts girls very unfairly. In this novels, Josh treated girls like they were almost another species, or below him. "He grinned, I'm not really looking to talk to her."This is Josh implying that he just wanted to use her as a ex toy, and not get to know her or go a real date. This book was published in 1997 and I do think that guys are treating girls a little better now, which is wonderful.
I have had an experience with gender stereotyping when
I was at a friend’s and his mum asked him to sweep he replied with that’s a woman’s job. Even though he said it in joking manner it still is not a joking matter and his mum did get cross with him. I think it’s really wrong that things like this can be taken as a joke. I haven’t personally had many experiences with gender stereotyping personally, but of course I see photo shopped bodies, and like they say in the ad, male dominance everywhere I go. I think it’s very important for young teens to understand that they can do what they want and be who they want to be and not be afraid to being it. I think Gender stereotyping and media images are definitely an issue in today’s culture.
The article, ``Sex, Violence and Advertising: Saint Mary’s prof critical of de-humanizing images`` written by Rob Roberts in 1991
In today’s society it is very easy for teenagers to succumb to social and peer pressure
Josh in the novel ``Painting the Black`` by Carl Deuker is a character who shows a lack of care for the female genders feelings. An article written in 1991 mentions about ads and how they are giving bad messages. When I was at a friend’s house once, and his mum asked him to sweep, he replied with a very stereotypical response. In today’s culture, media and ads in magazines and on websites have a very strong influence on teenagers, I think it isn’t something that is talked about enough, and that should be changed. Humans should be treated equally, no matter what.
Olivia Connolly
mentions, “Ads for Guess? Jeans include a lot of “symbolic sexual assault,” McCormick says. Women are pictured as being held against their will, he says and looking “bereft” in what McCormick says is supposed to be the aftermath of rape. ``. That ads are always showing male dominance and not having males being dominated. I think this is very true, they also mention in the same article about a certain ad in another magazine `` There’s one that comes to mind,” he recalls. “It’s a picture of a woman, very close up, all you saw was her neck and her head, and her face is slightly turned toward us. There was this liquid and a bunch of peaches hitting her in the side of the head. It was an advertisement for Peach Schnapps, and the caption read ‘The Flavor’s Gonne Hit You.’ And she was smiling, she was enjoying it. ``This is almost influencing that hitting women is okay—when it obviously isn’t okay (to hit anyone or anything) I think ads more now, are a little bit less gender stereotyping, but you still have the occasional ad that kind of hits you in the face. In the same way I think some ad companies think about how well that those ads sold their product and are trying to copy them so they can sell their products faster and get more money.
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