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Multiple Perspective, Bias and Point-of-View

Introducing MP, B and P-o-V in American History

Elizabeth Lenar

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Multiple Perspective, Bias and Point-of-View

A vocabulary lesson
Introduction to Multiple Perspectives, Bias
and Point-of-View
There are multiple perspectives about how much homework should be assigned each day: teachers are concerned with ensuring students are understanding the concepts taught, parents are concerned with making sure students have time for other activities such as sports, and students are concerned with having time to socialize with their friends in the evening
What does the term "multiple perspective" mean?

Having more than one point of view
about an issue; the background of
a individual should be considered
when trying to determine their
perspective on an issue
Historians should not show bias in their articles. They should instead present all of the facts without giving their opinion on an issue.
What is bias?
An unreasoned opinion or distortion of judgement about an event
From the teachers' point of view, it is important that students reinforce what they learned in the classroom by practicing the skills at home
What is point of view?
A person's opinion about an issue or event
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