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No description

corina misevich

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of swamps

enjoy! swamps :) Swamps :) What is in a swamp? By, Corina Misevich,
Jesika Stephens,
Megan O'Donnell Chicago used to be a swamp but
lake Michigan "backed off" of Chicago.
They built land over it they also built a
dam so it wont take over Chicago again! Chicago used to be a swamp...
what happen? The Swamp has...
-Low-lying areas
-It's water comes from rain
-It's water is drained for farmlands
-It has pitcher plants
-Swamps CAN be in the tundra
-It can also be in the desert
-Canadian geese come here to breed
-the depth is 1000 m Random Facts!!!! If you were wondering if water in
swamps can freeze the answer is yes
AND no. It all depends on where the
swamp is, because if the swamp is in
the tundra then it can obviously freeze over. But if it's in the desert or anywhere else then it can't freeze over because it's not cold enough Can the water freeze?!?!? It is a wet land place where plant's can thrive in water.

some types of swamps are Mangrove, Bogs, Marshes.

Some species are snapping turtles, Alligators, Deer, White Ibises, Egrets, and sand Hill cranes More random facts (continued) some location's are... -Africa
-everglades in Florida
-Tigris and Euphrates
-la Digue
-brazil Some Species are........ -purple gallinule
-red mangroves
-green inguana's
-speclacled caiman
-fiddler crabs
-arche fish
-mud skiper
-mangrove snake
-snapping turtle
-red-sided garter snake -water lettuce
-water hyacinths
-flower spike Plants... More random facts -Black bears are taller than humans on hind legs

-A pitcher plant (also known as the fly trap plant) can feed on insects, such as flies

-Bobcats look around the swamp to find prey

-The swamp is dominated by many trees

-6% of the earth is covered in swamps

-it has a shallow body of water in a low-lying or drained area -some places it's located in is , South America , Iraq , Sudan , France , china , and the nether lands

-swamps can act like sponges when it floods

-the USA wetlands drains half of them for other reasons

-the average HIGH warmth is 86* ( that's our degrees symbol )

-the average LOW warmth is 63*

-it has a shallow body of water in a low-lying or drained area

-USA covers approximately 100,000squared miles we hope you enjoyed our prezi and now its jess' turn
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