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Dog Adaptations

Adina Walsh

Kylie Baines

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Dog Adaptations

Adina Walsh Dog Adaptations Phisical Adaptions Phisical Adaptions Behavioural Adaptions Classificationn behavioural adaptations Interesting Facts photos *If something took a dogs dinner away the might try to bite what ever took it away because dogs understand how important there meals are.
*Dogs learn to catch there pray at night so that they cant be seen
*Dogs who live in a pack/family adapt to living with humans easier because they also live in a family.
*Dogs learn that if humans give them food they will want to stay there not run away. *Wild dogs learn to always stay alert especially at night because prey is always on there look out.
*Dogs quickly learn to understand humans.
*If dogs see something that runs they will attack it because they think that it is food. Dogs have been mans best friend for over
fifteen thousand years.
*Two dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic
*Greyhounds are the fastest dogs on earth.
*The US has the most dogs in the world.
*Puppies are born blind and def. *Dogs have sharp teeth to grind food.
*Hunting dogs have coats that repel water.
*Hunting dogs also have webbed feet so that they can swim.
*Huskies have thick coats for cold weather. *Dogs feet are actually really soft when they are born and become rougher through the years, to build a protective layer.
*Some dogs have coats to protect them from the cold.
*They grow extra fur in the winter ad shed extra in the summer.
they stand on there back legs and by doing that they have built strong hind legs. SCIENTIFIC NAME FOR DOG: Canis Iupus Familiars.
CLASSIFICATION: animal,mammal,carnivore,
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