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Free-Range Organic Kids

Business Pitch Deck

Lisa Robichaud

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Free-Range Organic Kids

Social Issue Our Solution Free-Range Organic Kids Early Childhood Education & After School Program Canada scores grade of "F" on youth physical activity levels.
High levels of obesity
Poor eating habits
Food security problems
Disconnect from natural environment
Ticking time bomb of emotional and physical health problems By fostering independence...
- Curious, sense of wonder
- Future leaders
- Self-directed learners
By creating community initiatives...
- Engaged families and communities
- Environmental awareness in communities
- Health initiatives in communities
By focusing on healthy starts...
- Knowledgeable
- Personal well-being
- Active for life
By respecting and learning about nature...
- Environmental awareness and connectivity Business Model Target Market Monthly Cash Flow
[Cash in: $46 200.00]
ECE: $37 200.00
AS: $9 000.00
[Operating Costs: $36 200.00]
General&Admin: $3 100.00
Marketing: $500.00
Occupancy: $5 000.00
Operational: $3 600.00
Employment: $24 000.00
Difference/Profit: $10 000.00 ($120 000.00 annual) FRO Kids has a competitive advantage because it will meet the competition in pricing, facility, quality of service and educators, and ratios but will also:
All organic food
Specialized curriculum
Holistic learning
Social focus
Parental involvement Development Plan 15 Month plan
April – Complete business plan
May – Apply for funding/find investor
June- Find lot, building design plans, obtain required licensing for building
July – Start building (9-10 months to build)
August – Purchase equipment, administrative work (insurance, requirements, etc)
September – Marketing, refine curriculum, interview for administrative positions
October – Administrative work and planning
November– Interview employees, administrative work and planning
December– Interior renovations, administrative work and planning
January – Plan open house, staff training
February – Last minute set up, classroom prep, administrative planning
March – Final licensing and requirements, inspection
April– Open house, registration
May, June, July (Final preparations)
* August – Launch first cohort of students. What we are seeking Summary Free-Range Organic Kids (FRO Kids) takes a holistic approach to childcare and education, and not only guides children in their intellectual development but also brings them back to the basics of being in touch with nature and their own bodies.

Free-Range Organic Kids is a for profit organization , that is a two part sustainable social enterprise. It offers a service at cost but also offers opportunities for low socio-economic status individuals. FRO Kids has great social value because scholarships for underprivileged children as well as community programming will be created from profits turned.

Children will learn about where food comes from and why healthy food options are important for their bodies. Feeding the students all-organic and local foods will give their bodies a head start in their emotional and physical development. Ensuring natural and physical play and activity will boost the cardiovascular system and spiritual health of the children all the while teaching them the importance of being active for life. There are over 3000 children in Quispamsis between the age of 0-12.
50% of parents with children age 0-4 send their child to preschool or day care.

Customer Profile:
LOCATION: Quispamsis, Hampton, Rothesay
AGE: 25-39
GENDER: Female, Male
MARITAL STATUS: Married, Single, Separated *Kids 0-12
INCOME: +30,000
INTERESTS: Healthy food, environment, active lifestyle From the government we are looking for education and development grants to start up our business, educational tools, assistance.
Benefits include: improved education, environmental awareness, stronger community, employment opportunities, etc.

Investor: $600,000.000 Start up costs
2 year hold on payments
50% of business
10 years to break even
Social as well as financial return on investment Life-long learning, behavior and health.

Free-Range Organic Kids takes a holistic approach to childcare and education, and not only guides children in their intellectual development but also brings them back to the basics of being in touch with their bodies and the land.

Free-Range Organic Kids is a for profit organization with a major social focus on environmental awareness and holistic living.It has great social value because scholarships for underprivileged children as well as community programming will be created from profits turned.

Great investment opportunity, demand is great for childcare.
Many benefits to the community. Free Range
Organic Kids I'm Lisa Robichaud:

Renaissance College -Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies

Book Smart After Hours - founder and director
KV3C - early childhood programming coordinator
Lives on organic farm.

Children and Nature. .. and do! Early Childhood Education (ECE) center and after school program (ASP)
- Holistic approach to learning
- All organic foods (local as much as possible)
- Focus on independence and personal well-being
- Specialized curriculum to foster the seven learning outcomes
- Creative and flexible lesson plans, experienced educators
- 88 children in ECE and ASP combined
- "Takes a community to raise a child"

Scholarship opportunities and community programming
- Engaging low social-economic status families
- Learning opportunities for the whole family
- Community initiatives, programming, opportunities There are ten day cares in the Quispamsis and Rothesay
High quality
Facility standard and cleanliness
Image, strong reputation
Waiting lists 2-3 years
Food choices meet requirements
Education is high quality, staff educated and qualified. Projections Competition Our advantage
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