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Broadway Street Theatres

All of the different theatres on broadway street

Jessica Lechtenberg

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Broadway Street Theatres

Broadway Theatre Check out all the great theatres located
on Broadway Street, New york What is Broadway? Broadway is a theatre located
on Broadway Street, New York.
All broadway Theatres seat over
99 people Tickets You can buy tickets online
at various websites. Check
out www.broadwy.com for more information on tickets. Popular Broadway Shows Some of the more popular broadway shows include
Wicked, The Addams Family,
Chicago, and Memphis. Hotels After seeing a broadway show
you may want to cosider spending
the night at one of the nearby hotels.
The Broadway Plaza Hotel is a 4 star
hotel and is close by. Cost Seeing a broadway show
along with hotel fees and plane
fair can be very pricy. Tickets
range anywheres from $50.00
to $200.00. Then you add the
cost of hotel fees, which are about
$130.00 a night. If you also
plan on taking a plane it could
cost you about $200-$700. Your total
would be anywheres from $280.00-
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