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Jay's Treaty of 1794

No description

Lily Herring

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Jay's Treaty of 1794

A treaty of peace between Britain and America

Resolved all issues between two countries left by Treaty of Paris JAY'S TREATY OF 1794 Left over disputes with Britain caused by the Treaty of Paris

Need of peace, neutrality and good foreign relations for the new government CAUSES America gained primary goals

Withdrawl of British troops from Revolutionary forts in the NW

Won limited rights to trade with Britain, India and the Caribbean Colonies

Lessened tension between two countries WHY SHOULD WE CARE? WHAT: agreement to create peace between Britain and America

WHO: Created by John Jay, the Supreme Court Chief Justice

WHEN: November 19, 1794 WHAT IS IT? 1) How would America's foreign affairs be different without Jay's Treaty?

2) Would another war with Britain have occurred without this treaty? QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS?
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