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12 Powerful Words

A True Treasure!

Ash Jesse

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of 12 Powerful Words

This presentation was inspired by my two teachers Ms. Murrian and Ms. Lessard To Judge Evaluate: To create or build Formulate: Explain: To tell how. Trace To make an outline or to list in steps. Thank You A True Treasure 12 Powerful Words Support: To back-up. The journey begins... Analyze: To Break apart Describe: To tell ALL about. Infer To read between the lines. Predict To say what's going to happen next. Summarize " I am seeing something in your future..." "Keep the fortune short." "We all shouldn't talk at the same time!" WE ARE VERY LOUD AND ANNOYING AND.....!!! Last but not Least... "Off we go!" Compare: To tell how things are alike. . Contrast: To find the differences. "You are going to keep learning!" "How are we going to hear each other then?" "Maybe talk one at a time." "Oh YEAH!" "X" MARKS THE SPOT! . GO! Can't wait until the next adventure!
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