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History of Reggae

No description

Megan Lee

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of History of Reggae

History of Reggae The Beginning
1960 Today, reggae is still very popular internationally. Reggae music has given us many artists such as Sean Kingston, It has even created a newer type of music similar to reggae called “Dance Hall” for younger generations like ourselves. Reggae mainly began in the late 1960's within Jamaica. This style of music is a mixed tradition African and Caribbean music and also American rhythm and blues. Reggae is all about bass guitars, guitars, drums and horn sections. It often has chops and off beats known as skank. They usually have accents on the first and third beat in each bar. Reggae uses the beat and styles of ska and rocksteady. Ska is known as bass guitar being the focal point of the music. Rocksteady was more vocal talent and song lyrics consisted of political outcries. Instruments Reggae music often represents poverty, social injustice, religion and love. The turmoil Jamaica faced had a very big impact to reggae music as well. The lyrics within reggae came from the Jamaicans speaking from their souls about the problems they have faced. Singing from the souls created such an impact to Jamaicans it became very popular since the connection was so strong. The famous reggae performer Bob Marley and the Wailers brought this style of reggae to a whole other level. They showed the world this style with their first recorded reggae album, “The Best of The Wailers” in the 1970. They became to be more successful and has influenced new reggae bands such as UB40, Pato, Banton and, Aswad. 2013 Bob Marley & The Wailers--> Reggae Bob Marley Pato Aswad Banton UB40 Timeline of Reggae Music Experiments with bass, rhythmn, guitars and beats within Jamaica. Influenced by US broadcasting of RnB music. 1950 Middle of 1960's Ska music is now developed and introduced. Rocksteady is produced. Influenced by Ska music. Early 1960's Reggae music is finally developed and recognized internationally. Influenced by Ska and Rocksteady. Late 1960's Reggae music is still known internationally. New artists, genres and style is produced from reggae music of 1960. 2013
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